Wednesday, March 15, 2017

More of the same.....

8:30 am - PDST - Wednesday - 66º F, humdity 27%, wind - calm.......overcast with a few patches of blue here and there.  Forecast high for today is 87º F.

We went to bed quite late Monday and, subsequently, arose quite late Tuesday.....well, late for us.  We had early visits from friends at the reunion who wanted to see our 'house', so we were sitting outside with patio chairs deployed when they arrived mid morning.  We talked about our lifestyle with them, and answered a lot of questions.

It was kind of warm by the time our visitors left, so we decided to forego our walk and just take at easy until about noon time when we got dressed and walked over to The Orleans ballroom where our reunion is being held, and for the next four hours there was once again non-stop conversing.  I am amazed at how well my voice is this time a couple of years ago it was quite raspy.

Around 4:15 TLE and I decided to head back to the Newell to take a break, a nap, or whatever before the evening festivities began at 6 pm.  We were back in much more formal dress by 5:45.......

......TLE had her 'little black dress' on and looked we are posing for my 'usie' with Tammy White Justsum and TLE's sister, Laureen Houghtaling Parker.  We had a wonderful salmon least that's what we chose for our main course.......chicken was the other.....the salmon was amazing.

Towards the end of the evening people began to gather together for group photos.......

.....and then we were done....for the evening.  There is one more day (Wednesday) and then Thursday we will be on our way to Death Valley and whatever weather greets us.....right now it looks like the first few days it will be in the 90's before dropping into the high 70's......we'll see how that works for us!

We, once again, were not in bed until after midnight......thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Oh my party animals you are, think you will enjoy relaxing once again.


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