Saturday, March 18, 2017

It's madness, I tell you!

6:33 am - PDST - Saturday - 58º F, 38% humidity, wind 6 mph out of the south southeast.....moving day!  We have an ENORMOUS 35 mile drive ahead of us....all the way to Tecopa Hot Springs!

For whatever reason TLE and I were both up early Friday.....much too early, but what can you do?  I don't remember the last time we were both up and coherent when it was still dark outside.....I know, you're thinking of our 4:30 am departure from Borrego Springs to drive down to Los Algodones for our dental appointments a month, or so ago......remember, I used the word coherent.....:-)

At any rate we had no big plans for Friday except for me to figure out what was wrong with the 'whole house fan' that stopped working Thursday afternoon, and for TLE a laundry run.  I have been carrying around a spare 12 volt motor for about 5 years now, and was hoping it would be a match for the one that powers the 'whole house fan' took me a while to find it, but as it turns out it is a smaller version with a shaft that is too small in diameter for the large fan blade.  At any rate I removed the fan motor and bench tested it on my 12 volt power supply and confirmed it is dead......well, it was 35 years old.  I was able to find a suitable replacement motor on eBay for $24 plus shipping so I ordered it, and should have it within a week, or so.  

Once that was done TLE and I both decided to do a workout after which I took a 15 mile bike ride.....the workout thing is good, and seems to work for TLE, but I need to burn 1,000 calories every day to continue my weight loss program.  By the time I returned 60 minutes later I had reached my goal, and TLE was ready to head off to the laundry.  I took a shower, then went into the Elks Lodge to pay for our second night, and to make arrangements to use the dump station Saturday morning.  They have to keep it locked here as there are a number of boondockers in the area who will come here and steal a 'dump' (not pay) when they are closed (they are open from noon to 9 pm every day). By the by.....TLE managed to be more disciplined than I in Las Vegas and maintained her weight, but I gained a couple of pounds....too much rich food....I am soooo weak.....:-)

With that done I settled in to watch another day of 'March Madness' and what a day it was.....both the USC Trojans and the UCLA Bruins won their games......the Trojan game was a 1 point victory and also an upset victory for the is the first time they have advanced to the round of '32' since 2009.  UCLA won handily by 17 points as expected.  Of course there was one delicious nap thrown in for good measure, and it ended with my phone of our future employees for TVC was calling with questions.

We were treated to another spectacular Pahrump sunset.......

.....I spent about an hour outside taking pictures of this beautifully evolving sunset!

The last NCAA game ended around 9 pm, and we were in bed by 10:30 dreaming of changing our view once again without going through escrow.

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  1. Nice that you were able to find a replacement fan, and will soon get it hooked up again. Love your sunset photos.


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