Sunday, March 5, 2017

It's a game of inches.......

7:07 am - PST - Sunday - 58º F, humidity, 55%, wind 7 mph out of the west northwest......feels more like 10-15 mph.....very blustery, very cloudy....forecast is for wind and cloudiness, and possible rain......we'll see.

Saturday began quite cloudy, but around mid morning we had some partial clearing, and within a few hours our batteries were back to 100%, and stayed there the rest of the day in spite of heavy cloud cover returning mid afternoon.

Both TLE and I decided to take a day off from hiking/bike riding to give our legs a rest, but we did both do our individual workouts (situps, pushups, back excercise, planking, upper body strengthening with small weights, etc.)

In spite of the cloudiness it was not windy, so I spent most of the day outside reading with occasional napping thrown in for good measure......TLE, due to her allergies, spent more time inside than outside, but she was there at the end of the day with me watching the sun set behind heavy cloud cover.  We started our sunset fire about 4:45 pm, and by 5:30 pm Brian, our new friend via Becky Schade, had walked over to join us.  We had another interesting conversation and pretty much burned the rest of our wood supply.....I think there are 3, or 4 pieces left......I'm glad we had the fire Saturday night as opposed to Sunday night, with all the wind right now it looks quite doubtful now (speaking present tense, Sunday morning).

TLE and I are doing well on our weight loss/inches lost program.....TLE has dropped beneath a weight threshold she has not been able to break for 5 years, and has lost quite a few inches........I am so proud of her, and for her.  She has been working very, very hard, and has been very consistent with her efforts.  I've lost inches, but am stuck on a number weightwise right now, which happens.  Being in one place such as we have been makes it easy to be more consistent with exercise and diet.  As I have often remarked, when you are changing locations frequently it is more difficult to maintain an exercise program, and to some lesser degree, an eating program.  You really need both to not only lose weight, but to maintain your desired need to eat less, and move more, and that is what we have been doing here on the Rockhouse for the past 24 days.

I'll spend the better part of Sunday putting our 'stuff' away.....we've taken quite a bit out over the past 3+ weeks, and the trailer will need a lot of attention before we can reinsert the Beetle.  

There was nothing on TV Saturday, so we spent the evening reading......I was in bed just after 9:30 pm....I guess it was all that fresh air all day long.  TLE followed 90 minutes later.

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  1. That is great, healthy eating, portion control and exercise sure does make a big difference, both of you keep up the good work.

  2. Congrats on the weight loss. You both look great! I've never been that dedicated to a physical weight loss program so basically try to watch what I eat and even then I fall off the wagon. LOL


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