Saturday, February 4, 2017

Near the end......

7:16 am - PST - Saturday - 50º F, humidity 64%, wind 4 mph out of ENE.....sunny from horizon to horizon!  Forecast high today is 75º F!

Friday began heavily overcast but evolved into a very nice, mostly sunny day.  TLE and I did our morning workouts then spent time reading.....I sat outside enjoying the river ambiance, and thinking about how blessed we are to be able to move our home to such a lovely place if only for a week.  The riverfront sites here at Crossroads BLM Campground remain occupied 100% of the one RV departs another quickly swoops into take its place.  No site is vacant for more than a few minutes.  Mostly you find smaller RV's utilizing the riverfront sites with the bigger ones using the sites where we first began our sojourn, but there are a few big rigs such as ours on the river.

With the beginning of the weekend we have seen an increase in the boating activity on the river, but it is not yet obnoxious.  I can only imagine as it warms up that the number of boats racing up and down the river will increase exponentially, and with that increase will come the non-stop roar of gas powered marine motors straining at maximum RPM's as they race from one destination to another.

Since we will be gone a good portion of Saturday visiting the Desert Bar, and we are scheduled to depart Crossroads Sunday morning, I began putting away a few things we will not be using again at this location.....the Sea-B-Que, and the firepit.  There is not much else to put away in the trailer except my 'back machine', which I will take care of Saturday morning.

The only thing we really had going on Friday was a date to meet up with my cousin Lori and her husband Jeff at Havasu Springs Restaurant which is about 16 miles north of us, and about half way between us and Lake Havasu City where they have lived since the 90's.  Lori is the youngest child, and only daughter of my uncle Ralph, who is (was) my mother's youngest brother.  Ralph, regrettably, died way too soon at age 49 back in 1982, or 83 as I recall.  At any rate, the last time I saw Lori was about 8-9 years ago at my grandmother's memorial service, so it was great to see her again.  We spent probably 3 hours talking and catching up over dinner (they have a weekly fish fry special on Friday's and it was delicious!).

Jeff and Lori....taken from their Facebook page....forgot 
to take pictures last night!

We had a wonderful catching up and talking about everything under the sun.  They are a wonderful couple, full of life and energy.  So glad to reconnect after so many years!  We were home by 8:30 pm PST, and settled into an evening of reading before heading for slumberland about 10 pm.....thanks for stopping by!

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  1. It is so nice to catch up with relatives after so many years. The desert bar is quite an interesting place to visit, Have fun.


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