Monday, February 13, 2017



6:57 am - PST - Monday - 54º F, 53% humidity, wind 5 mph out of WNW.....cloudless skies from horizon to horizon.....sun is already hitting the solar panels.  By the by....we have gotten back to 100% on our batteries every day we have been at Rockhouse Road near Borrego Springs.

We had no large aspirations for Sunday except to take a hike and continue to enjoy our surroundings.  One of our favorite local hikes is to do is up and over a local hill to see the larger than life rock snake sculpture about .75 miles from our location....... is not a strenuous hike, but hiking poles are recommended as parts of the trail are quite rocky.  Caught this picture of the rock snake with TLE in the foreground (above)....

.......coming back down the trail I snapped this picture of the Newell in the distance....not very crowded right now at Rockhouse Road.......that's the way we like it!  The day was partly cloudy, but the view were wonderful.....enough sun to get our batteries back to 100% once again.

I'm just flying one flag right now......I love this pirate flag I got at the RV show in Quartzite last year.......

.....we've got our awning mats, chairs and BBQ is good!

The weather was so nice I spent time sitting out site repairing some of my solar lights......some of the rechargeable batteries are not holding a charge anymore so I replaced them with spares I have on hand from other lights which broke, or quit working for other reasons than a bad battery.  Next I got my rake out and raked away most of the larger rocks around our site which I kept stepping on in the dark, and finally I just sat down, relaxed and read a book for the rest of the afternoon.

For dinner TLE gave me a top sirloin steak to grill on the Sea-B-Que, which I did around 5:15 pm just as the sun was beginning to set over the Vallecito Mountains.  By the time we finished eating it was completely dark, and the early evening winds had abated so we headed outside for our second evening campfire.

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  1. Life is good enjoy the area always nice when it's not so crowded too.

  2. Tom and I enjoyed out visit with the two of you today. You have a beautiful home on wheels. Hope we can do it again before we leave. Next time our place; stop by anytime.


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