Friday, February 3, 2017

Wishing rainwater were beer........

7:08 am - PST - Friday - 49º F, humidity 61%, wind 4 mph out of ENE.....cloudy.....cloudy.....cloudy.....BUT....not too cold.  Should become 'partly' cloudy later this morning.

Thursday was one of those 'chores' days.......since we have been dry camping for 17 days since we left Tom and Darlene's we have not taken the time to do a wash, and it was time.  Normally we would use the splendid Splendide do do our laundry, but we have no sewer connection allowing us to dump the 20 some gallons of gray water one load of wash generates, and, of course, we have no way to replenish that much fresh water.  So, what we must do, which we have rarely done over our years of full time travel, is find a local laundromat.  Now sitting in a laundromat waiting for clothes to go through the wash and dry cycles is pretty much our least favorite thing to do.....TLE is better at it than I, but let's face's a laundromat.  You are trapped in this usually claustrophobic space filled to the max with commercial washers and dryers, and unusual people.  I think the only places you can find a larger collection of the unusual is the DMV, or I right?  Normally I would be lost in my smart phone reading articles, etc., but the cell signals here in the Parker Strip are so bad my battery gets drained down to nothing in an hour, or so.  The result was in order to 'kill' the time I was reduced to reading a People magazine from August of know....back when most everyone in the entire civilized world was waiting for the coronation of Princess Hillary on November 8th.  A lot has happened in the last 6 months......

That my friend was pretty much the entire sum total of my Thursday....well, not really......we did take a 3.5 mile round trip walk in the morning northward along Parker Dam Drive up to the Sundance RV Resort where we have 'dumping' privileges as a result of our stay here at Crossroads.  However, their dump station is way in the back of the park, and their fresh water station is even further in the back......I'm not sure I can get in and out of there with my trailer attached, so we both decided unanimously to wait until we pass back through Quartzite on Sunday and use the dump is easy in and out and it is directly on our way.  Oh, I guess I hadn't mentioned that our next destination will be Los Algodones, MX for our next round of dental appointments.  We plan to arrive at the Quechan Casino around noon Sunday in time to set up to watch Super Bowl 51 later in the afternoon.

We were back home from laundry duty, a quick stop at the Walmart and a little junking at a local thrift store by 3:30 pm 4 pm Happy Hour began, and around 5 pm I fired up the Sea-B-Que to grill the last of our filet mignons......once again I was so grateful to be a carnivore!

I neglected to note a couple of days ago that on January 31st we finished our 6th year of living full time in our Newell, and 5th year of traveling full time in our Newell.  It has been quite a journey, and continues to be a journey with no end in sight, and for that we are so eternally grateful.  In a little over two months we will return to site 426 at Tahoe Valley Campground for the the near term we will be doing some new exploring of some areas in the SoCal, Nevada and northern Arizona we have not yet frequented in our Newell.  Life is good........we have our health, and we have each other......our kids are doing well.....there is another wedding coming up in the Fall, and there are grand babies to hug and kiss.....what more could one ask?  Well.......hmmmm......I would like a Mini Cooper and a Polaris Razr, and sometimes I wish rainwater were beer, but it's not, so I choose to be content with who I am and what I am, and TLE still thinks I'm pretty cool, too, so I've go that going for me.

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  1. I am with you having a Splendide is great and well worth the space it takes up. I think Tom would agree with you about the rainwater being beer...:).
    Safe Travels.

    Celebrating the Dance

  2. Congratulations on 6 years the lifestyle is amazing,
    11 years for us and counting cannot manage any better lifestyle
    No washer dryer for us since we boondock the majority of the year I just take a book along to the laundry and sit in the car while the machines do their work.
    Now rainwater for beer that would be perfect. Enjoy your travels and exploring.


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