Sunday, March 24, 2019

Celebrating birth......

7:39 am - Sunday - March 24th - Fontana, CA - 49º F, 84% humidity, wind -, 3 days in a row!  Sunny today with a forecast high of 73º F.....warmin' right back up!

It was quite overcast first thing Saturday, and quite cold, so I stayed inside watching some NCAA March Madness games, but by 12 pm I had changed into my cycling clothes, and was headed west on the Pacific Electric Trail.  My goal this day was to ride to Cherry Ave., about 5.5 miles distant, and then retrace my steps to the Fontana/Rialto Elks Lodge.  The air was still cool as I rode westward, but the sun had begun to peek through the clouds warming it up just a little.  I was back by 1:32 pm after covering exactly 11 miles, which consumed 576 caloric units at an average speed of 11.8 mph in just over 56 minutes......↴

......that's the furthest I have ridden since Inverness, FL when I did around 20 miles with Richard and Rhonda on a local bike path!

After a quick shower, and a change of clothes we were on our way to my daughter's (Kate) home in Jurupa Valley to celebrate her husband's 33rd birthday.  They were expecting over 50 people for the party.  We had barely arrived when my brother Philip arrived with his wife Jeannie....we haven't seen them since last April when we met them for dinner at the Pomona Valley Mining Company in Pomona......

 My brother Philip and his wife Jeannie

.....Philip was the 'baby' of the family, and is around 14 years younger than I, however, he is only 9 years older than my oldest son Chris.  We have had many great RVing adventures with them over the years.  He just recently moved up from a travel trailer to a class A motorhome......↴

.....over the next 30 minutes our other kids began to arrive....

 Me and my firstborn son.....Chris

 Group picture.....Ali (Nick's sister) taking the 'usie'

Left to right: Moi, Tim (son), Chris (son), Nick (son-in-law), Jonathan (Ali's significant other)

 Moi, Meredith (oldest daughter) and Jake (her significant other)

....and then the person whom I had been wanting to meet since we returned home, Jake, arrived.  He and Meredith have been dating for a few months now, and she wanted us to meet him.   Jake is a biologist, and includes in his interests the making of craft beer.  He recently posted about a Tangerine IPA he had just finished, and I was anxious to taste it, and talk brewing with him.  He brought three 5 gallon kegs of his brews to the party.....Tangerine IPA, American Porter, and Irish Red.......↴

 Jake brews beer as a hobby.....he's a keeper Meredith!

......I loved all three, especially the Irish Red which had a hint of caramel at first blush.  We had a wonderful time with family and friends.......

 Had to stand on a tall bar stool to get this 'usie'....I'm too old be standing on tall bar stools....what was I thinking?

 Moi with daughter Kate, and her bestie Shonda.....lifelong friend of the family, too

 Mt. Rubidoux beckoning to me in the distance

Me with daughter Sharon, daughter-in-law, Laila, and first grand daughter Cynthia.....I am surround by so many beautiful women in my family!

......all good things eventually come to an appropriate end, and around 7 pm we tapped out and headed home.  We are so proud of the lives our children are building for themselves, and that they love to spend time with each other.  These are the kind of events that will burn bright in my memory for years to is so good, and we are so blessed.

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