Saturday, March 9, 2019

Life is good.......

8:35 am - Saturday - March 9th - Wittmann, AZ - 49º F, 50% humidity, wind 7 mph out of the east........clear blue skies today with a forecast high of 64º F.

The weather Friday was cold and blustery, which kept me inside for most of the day, but I did manage to spend about 2 hours outside during the warmest part of the day wiping down the Newel exterior once again.  It feels good to be able to do something physical again without getting exhausted in a short period of time, and wiping down the Newell exterior is definitely a physical activity.

On the 'exciting' front my brother and sister-in-law have agreed in principle to by the 1982 Newell Class I wrote about last week.  It is still a ways until the deal is done, but, barring any unforeseen circumstance should be a done deal within the next few months, if not sooner.

On the post surgical recovery front it has been two days since I had to take a pain killer for my most recent surgery.  I stopped taking the heavy duty pain pills within 48 hours of the surgery, but had still been taking Tylenol 2, or 3 times per day since then.  Being off completely is nice as I hate taking pills.  I was also able to shave for the first time since the Sunday before the surgery.  Feeling is slowly returning the the area of the surgery, and all of the stitches have now dissolved.   It will probably take the better part of a year for most of the feeling to return.  There will always be some numbness along the scar line and I will never have feeling in my right ear lobe again, but that's okay with me.....I'll trade that for having the lump in my cheek gone.

By 2:30 pm it was too cold to be outside, and due to the increasing wind velocity TLE helped me stow the patio awning for the balance of the day.  That's the first time we have had to do that since we arrived in Wittmann!  We watched some recorded programs, and were in bed a little after 10 pm.  Life is good!

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  1. Another classic Newell in the family! Wonderful news! Now, as for the earlobe numbness... I know you occasionally hoist a pirate flag. A carefully chosen earring might ad a certain je ne sais quoi? And it wouldn't even hurt! Of course a peg leg would be a whole lot cooler but...

    1. Steve, the thought (earring) has cross my mind....:-)

  2. I'm just catching up a bit on your surgeries and it sounds indeed like Life is Good! Glad to hear of your positivity and yes, I agree with S. Killian above. An earring would be cool!