Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Final doctors appointments......

7:59 am - Wednesday - March 6th - Wittmann, AZ - 58º F, 46% humidity, wind 8 mph out of the east by northeast.....cloudy today with a 30% chance of rain, and a forecast high of 79º F.

We were out of the gate by 7:30 am, and after a quick stop to take on fuel at the local Shell station we beat a path for Flagstaff arriving in town around 10:00 am, and at my doctor's office a short time later.  My appointment was for 10:45 am, but I was in the little waiting room a little after 10:30 am.

When I checked in for my 10:45 am appointment I asked if my second appointment at 3:45 pm with Dr. Aldridge (butt surgery on February 5th) would be moved up, and the receptionist suggested I come back at 1 pm to see if they could get to me earlier.

At any rate Dr. Tritle examined the surgical scar along my jaw line and pronounced me in good condition, and a little ahead of schedule on healing.  We were out the door by 11 am and on our way to do a little window shopping for new throw rugs for our coach.  The ones we have have become a little "long in the tooth", and it is time to begin looking for replacements.  We have always found good deals at Kohl's on throw rugs, and there is a Kohl's in Flagstaff.  They were having a sale, but we did not find the sizes we needed, so it appears we will be doing some online shopping.

From there we backtracked a few blocks to Raising Cane's for a chicken finger lunch.  You know, it's kind of funny that I had never even noticed this national chain store before, but ever since we ate at one in Louisiana I see them everywhere, and they are everywhere......

.....TLE ordered their 3 finger combo, and I their 4 finger combo (chicken, fries and a drink).....that dipping sauce they provide is amazing!

We were back at the doctor's office about 12:45 pm, and found that someone had cancelled their appointment, so I was shown almost immediately into that little waiting room again.  Dr. Aldridge arrived a few minutes later, and pronounced me completely healed.....of course, I knew that.  There is no residual pain, and I haven't thought about it in 10 days.

I asked TLE to drive home as by the time we got back to the VW it was about 1:15 pm and I was tired.  I napped most of the way home where we arrived just after 3:30 pm.  The drive up and back was totally uneventful.  Most of the snow from 8 days ago is gone, but there is still a lot of snow on the ground in Flagstaff, although the streets are totally clear of the slushy stuff now.

Now that I am done with my doctors appointments I can begin to look forward to our time in SoCal, and set an appointment for my right eye cataract surgery.....thanks for stopping by!

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  1. You know it must be a good chicken place when they have a picture of Elvis on the wall .