Sunday, March 17, 2019

Everyone is Irish today......

8:15 am - Sunday - March 17th  - Fontana, CA - 53º F, 42% humidity, wind 5 mph out of the north......clear blue skies today with a forecast high of 80º F.

So Saturday was our second day back in the Pomona Valley, and we were off to meet 2 of our kids and their families at the Irish Festival in Upland, CA.  We agreed to meet them around 12:30 pm, but we wanted to check out the Riverside Elks Lodge first, so we left home around 11 am to make the 25 minute trip down to Riverside......

One of the 20 amp outlets

.....we had found out a few days ago that Riverside does allow RV parking for up to 2 RV's, and they provide 20 amp electrical, but no water, no sewer and no dump station.....but they do have electrical!  We love Riverside, and are considering moving down there for at least a couple of weeks to enjoy one of our favorite little towns anywhere.  They only charge $10/day, which is 1/2 what Fontana charges, but, of course, Fontana does provide water, electric (20, 30 and 50 amp), and has a dump station, as well as bathrooms, and a washer and dryer.  Nevertheless, we would love to spend a couple of weeks in downtown Riverside while we are here.

We arrived at the Irish Festival venue around 12:20 pm, and quickly found Tim, Laila, Crosby and Laila's mother, Jennifer.  Within 30 minutes our son Chris and Rochelle (wife) had arrived along with their daughter, Cynthia, her two boys (Daniel and Jameson), and Daniel, her significant other......

 Front-center: Jennifer (Laila's mother); Left to right: Tim, Laila, Chris, Kathy (Laila's grandmother), Rochelle, Crosby and TLE.....the brews are already flowing!

Cynthia and Crosby 'hamming' it up


 Rochelle holding Jameson with Daniel in the foreground

 Left to right: Deana, Rochelle, Laila

 Crosby all 'duded' up for the Irish Festival

 Left to right: Laila, Crosby, Jameson, Cynthia....there are a lot of beautiful women in my life.

 Left to right: Jameson, Daniel, Cynthia holding Crosby

Left to right: Tim, Chris

There were several micro breweries represented including 'Last Name Brewing'

......we hung out enjoying the Irish music and our extended family until after 3 pm when we excused ourselves to drive over to 'Mustang Sally's Bar & Grill' in Rancho Cucamonga to have an early dinner with our daughter Sharon, Rod (husband) and their son Brayden.....

With Sharon and Rod's son Brayden at 'Mustang Sally's Bar & Grill'

.....we arrived first, so opted for their alfresco dinning area.  By this time TLE and I had consumed all the brews for which we had a desire, so TLE ordered water, and I a Coke along with a single Quesadilla.  We enjoyed a couple of hours talking, enjoying the beautiful weather and getting caught up on their lives.  Brayden has become quite the chatterbox since we last saw him at Christmas time.  It is such a joy to see his developing personality, and he is quite a good dresser!

By the time we arrived home around 6 pm we were exhausted, but in a good way.  I don't think I could have physically handled a day like Saturday just a week ago.

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