Sunday, March 10, 2019

Lovely, light, luscious, delectable.......

7:46 am - Sunday - March 10th - Wittmann, AZ - 40º F, 67% humidity, wind 2 mph out of the north......sunny today with a forecast high of 69º F.

Saturday was a lovely, light, luscious, delectable day (from the 'The Duchess Bakes A Cake', substituting 'day' for 'cake')....hahaha....I've always wanted to use that phrase in a sentence!  The air was crisp....the sky was blue, and there was almost no breeze.....a decidedly t-shirt, shorts and flip flops kind of day.  So what kind of outdoor activity might be inspired by such great weather?  It seemed to me like a great day to finish wiping down the Newell exterior.  It was so good to finally have the energy two days in succession to do something physical that I took up the challenge and did just that.

I was expecting it to take me a couple of hours, or more to finish, but in reality it took just an hour and all that remained to do was to polish my ALCOA wheels, which I will do on Sunday.  I think the last time I got out the Mothers Aluminum Polish was two years ago when we were also here in Wittmann.

After finishing the exterior of the Newell TLE and I drove into Surprise to first visit the local Autozone where I would buy an extra can of Mothers for my ALCOA project, and then over to Walmart to do a 'big shopping'....the cupboards are getting bare!  On the way home we stopped off at Wells Country Store to get my 5 gallon propane tank (the one I attach to our Sea-B-Que) filled.  The last time I filled it was when we were still working at Smuggler's Den back in July.  It felt light to me, but it only took 2.8 gallons.  At $2.64 a gallon it only cost $7.41 to fill it up.  I think we'll stop there in the Newell on our way out of town to top off our on board 6o gallon propane will never be cheaper to do at $2.64/gallon!

Wells Country Store....right across the street from the Wittmann Post Office

We were back home by 4:30 pm, and another day was in the books.  The time is flying by here in Wittmann, and in just a couple of days we will be rolling our wheels once again.  Two of my three surgeries are behind me, with just the cataract surgery remaining, and I already know what to expect from that.  Soon we will be heading northward to Washington State, and entering British Columbia around June 1st for our Alaska adventure.

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  1. I wore short pants for much of the time during our Alaska trip back in 2016...a few times it was too cold, especially on the way up in May, but other times it was just to keep the HUGE mosquitoes away which we ran into a handful of times.

  2. Looks like we'll be crossing the border about a week ahead of you, but 10 days later than when we did the trip a few years ago.