Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Improving our home......

8:05 am - Tuesday - March 26th - Fontana, CA - 53° F, 61% humidity, wind - CALM.....again, wow!  Partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 76° F.

Two painting projects down, two to go......the passenger side chassis battery compartment, and the LPG compartment.  Monday it was time to repaint the remaining chassis battery compartment.  This one was a little more involved than the one on the driver side, as it also involved the rebuilding of the shelving unit above the 8d battery upon which my two 16 ton bottle jacks sit, plus three emergency road reflectors, a lug wrench (which I will probably never use), and a few other assorted items.  The original shelf was built from particle board,which was probably fine 37 years ago, but it has not aged well, and was beginning to crumble.....↴

.....I began my work just before 10 am, and after a trip to Home Depot (about 2 blocks from the Elks Lodge!) to buy the plywood for the shelving project, put everything back together and finished around 4 pm.....↴

Home Depot....just 2 blocks away!

 Everything is removed, and it is time to prepare the metal surface for primer, and mask off the things I do not wish to paint

  Before....not nearly as bad as the driver side, but bad, nevertheless

 White primer/rust inhibitor applied

 The new shelving unit made of  3/4" Birch Plywood.  Took 
me about an hour to fabricate it.

 2nd coat of Rustoleum Gloss Gray applied

 Rebuilt shelving unit installed

Everything put away.....finished!

.....it was a revelation to me that I could work 6 straight hours without a break......I was so engrossed in this project I didn't even stop for lunch.  Towards the end of the afternoon the temp got close to 80°  F, but we were never tempted to turn on the A/C.

So, now we have completed three of the four painting projects, and all that remains is to repaint, and rust proof the LPG (Liquid Propane Gas) compartment.  That will probably come on Wednesday as my son, Chris, texted me on Monday that a couple of my packages have arrived......the new house water pump, and I believe the replacement TRICO pneumatic wiper motor.  Hopefully the new drive tips for the speedo signal generator will arrive from Canada soon!

We watched a few recorded shows and were in bed a little after 11 pm.....another project is in the books and the project list is getting smaller.

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