Sunday, March 3, 2019


7:27 am - Sunday - March 3rd - Wittmann, AZ - 46º F, 91% humidity, wind 4 mph out of the northeast....partly cloudy to day with a forecast high of 71º F.

Saturday was the day of the 4th annual BBQ Tom and Darlene sponsor each year.  As part of the preparation for the BBQ Tom needed to move his two Newells out of the Newell Barn to make room for all of the tables and chairs.  I heard him as he passed by our coach on his way to park his coach next to Adrian's and walked outside to watch.  As he made the left turn around our coach his coach began to bog down in the still soft, damp sand from our recent rain.  He attempted to back up, but the rear wheels began to spin so he quickly stopped.......

.....the right rear of the coach was down almost to the frame, which would have really been bad, but he had stopped just in time to avoid that.  Still in recovery mode from my surgery, and prohibited from doing any sort of manual labor I was reduced to watching as Adrian and Wade retrieved shovels from the Newell Barn to dig out the front and rear wheels.  Adrian  placed a  large piece of 3/4" plywood under the right rear dualies, and it was time to see if Tom could extricate his 2002 Newell from the loose sand.....

.....we all figured Tom had one shot at extricating his 50,000 pound Newell before it might be time to call a large wrecker to pull him out.  As it turned out he was successful in driving out of the soft, damp sand.  He ended up spending more time filling in the large holes created by the mishap than he did in getting it out.

By the time Tom had both of his Newells out of the barn, and Jim and Gail had arrived in their 1987 wide body Newell (our 1982 Newell is 8' wide....the wide bodies are 8.5' wide) there were a total of 5 Newells present on the property (all pictures in today's blog post were taken by our friend Tom).......

 Jim and Gail's 1987 Newell with tag axle

 Our '82 peeking out from behind Tom and Adrian's coaches

.......soon 5 pm rolled around and it was time to kick off the BBQ......

 Getting set up

 The festivities are in full swing

.....there was 70 lbs. of pulled pork, funeral potatoes, baked beans, chips brownies and a lot of great conversations.  By 6:30 I was getting tired, and retreated back to the friendly confines of our Newell for the evening.  In all I think around 150 people were served Saturday evening.  Many people brought donations of clothing which will be delivered to Saguaro Jane's (a local charity) next week.

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  1. I had to look up "funeral potatoes", a hot dish...makes sense.
    I wondered how you dug out a stuck set of duels to put something underneath them, then I remembered you have a

  2. oops... I remembered you have an extra axle back there!