Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Jello and brake lights do not mix well........

7:48 am - Wednesday - March 27th - Fontana, CA - 51° F, 78% humidity, wind 1 mph out of the north.....overcast today with a forecast high of 71° F.

Tuesday began slowly, and ended with a whimper.  We drove over to my son's office to pick up the two package which have arrived.....the new SeaFlo house water pump, and the remanufactured (new to us) TRICO pneumatic wiper you know what I'll be doing Wednesay, huh?

On the way to the office a gentleman pulled up beside us and motioned for TLE to 'roll' down her window (they're electric, right?).  He quickly advised her our  two lower brake lights were not working, but the center one above the hatchback window was we did have a brake light.  Wow, I just replaced the left brake light bulb in September while we were still in Southwest Harbor.  How could both bulbs go out at the same time?

When we arrived at my son's I had TLE go to the back of the car to verify what the man hold told us, and she confirmed he was telling the brake lights.  She also advised that it appeared there was water inside each of the lenses.  When I went to examine them I found each had several cracks in the lens, which must have allowed water to ingress causing the bulbs to fail, so it appeared a visit to the local Autozone was in order.

After we picked up the packages and mail we headed over to Rubio's Coastal Grill on Foothill for some of their 'original' fish tacos.  We love Rubio's, and had not yet stopped by for lunch since we arrived in SoCal two weeks ago......↴

Picture courtesy 'Yelp'

.....they have a great alfresco dining area, of which we always avail ourselves.    We lingered over our fish tacos for the better part of an hour before heading to the local Autozone to buy new brake/tail lights (these bulbs are dual filament).  Once that was accomplished we headed further east on Foothill Blvd. to the local Walmart to pickup a few things, and then headed for home.

I spent the rest of the afternoon pulling both taillight assemblies out of the rear of the VW, then draining the water out of them, and letting them sit in the sun drying out for a couple of hours.  It turned out only one bulb was bad, so now I have two extra bulbs (one from Southwest Harbor) for the future.  I used super glue to weld the cracks in the plastic lenses, but as a precaution I have ordered two used replacement lenses off eBay at $50 ones cost $149.....EACH.  By the time I put everything back together and we verified all was working it was after 4 pm and time for a nap.

It was nice to take off a day from major painting projects, but it will be time get back to work on Wednesday installing the 'new' TRICO pneumatic wiper motor, and the new SeaFlo house water pump.... ↴

'New' TRICO pneumatic wiper motor

New SeaFlo house water pump that was our Tuesday......nothing major happened.....just a lot of jiggling Jello....thanks for stopping by!

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