Saturday, May 8, 2021

A really busy 5th Saturday.......

 8:01 am - Real Saturday - May 8th - Seal Rock, OR - 43° F, 93% humidity, wind - zero mph out of the north......cloudy today with a forecast high of 53° F.  On this date in 2012 we were 100 days into our first year on the road, and found ourselves in North Platte, NB visiting Buffalo Bill Cody's home.....↴

.....we are now, today, 100 days into our 10th year on the does not seem that, it does not.

We had a very busy schedule for 5th Saturday (Friday).  First up at 9:30 am was an appointment at 101 Dry Cleaners in Newport to have the suit pants for the suit I am wearing to the wedding of my sister Hilary's daughter Caroline later this month.  This is a new suit which was ordered online, and everything (coat, vest, and the length of the pants) came out perfectly except for the waist of the pants, which was at least 2 inches too big around.  At any rate I needed to have the waistline altered in advance of the wedding which is fast approaching.

Next up was  a stop at Fred Meyers to utilize two $50 gift cards given to us by the owners of SRRVC (Bill and Tina Brown).  From there we made a stop at the local ACE Hardware store to buy a new kitchen faucet.  The original Moen single handle faucet in our Newell kitchen is almost 40 years old, and the parts are wearing badly.  We've wanted a gooseneck pull down sprayer faucet for a long time now, and ACE has a pretty nice one for a pretty reasonable price.......

.....of $140, so we bought it.  It shouldn't be too hard to install, but I thought the same thing when I began to install the new faucet in the bathroom a few years ago.  It took me all day working in the very tight confines of the bathroom cabinet to finish the job.

After a quick stop at the Fred Meyers fuel station to take on 10 gallons of premium unleaded we headed for home.  Every time we drive to and from Newport I see this vista point called Lost Creek, and think "we'll stop next time", but we never do.  On this day we did.....

.....we stopped for a few minutes to take a few pictures, and, of course, TLE has to climb up on a picnic table to take her  We were home before 11 am.  I spent some time studying the installation instructions for the kitchen faucet we bought, and determined we needed an adapter to connect the supply hoses, which have 9/16" female fittings, from the new faucet to the existing male fitting which is 3/4",  so it's not going to be easy-peasy.

I had one more appointment in the afternoon at 3:30 pm at Waldport Family Cuts to have Jeff lower my ears for the first time in 35 days, so I decided to check the Ace Hardware store in Waldport to see if they had the correct adapter.  I thought I found the correct one, but when we got home I found out it wasn't.....doh!  Another trip to ACE Hardware is in order!

The skies unexpectedly cleared by early afternoon, and as the day progressed it was apparent we would have a great sunset.  I lit the fire around 7:45 pm, and by 8 pm we were outside listening to Frank Sinatra whilst waiting for the ocean to kiss the setting sun one more time.....

.....there were some clouds on the horizon, so you never know what you're going to get, but on this day we were not disappointed......

.....we remained outside until almost 9 pm watching the night overtake the day one more time.

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