Monday, May 17, 2021

Tax Man, day 2.....

 7:34 am - Monday - May 17th - Seal Rock, OR - 46° F, 100% humidity, wind - zero mph out of the north......overcast, drizzly this morning with a forecast high today of 53° F.  On this date in 2014 we arrived at Tahoe Valley Campground to work for the first time.....we went to dinner at Tahoe Pizza Company (best pizza in the Tahoe Basin) with Bill and Debi Kasson, whom we first met in Cedar Key, FL.....↴

The north wind continued Sunday, and I finished our taxes.  Remember how I said once I got the Federal 1040 done the California one would be a breeze?  Wrong!  It's like 9 pages long!  I finally finished it around 12:30 pm, and then TLE and I signed and dated everything, copied everything, and put them in their respective envelopes.  Now all I have to do is drop them off at the local Post Office, and I can wash my hands of them for another year.

The weather the past 8 days feels more like January than May temp wise....there has been very little rain, but that north wind is a killer...I have to put a jacket on just to walk out to the trailer and back, and there are no flip flops being worn at all right now.

I had to drive into town to ACE Hardware to buy a new grounded extension cord for my rope lights as the one I was using developed a short, and the female end melted....weird.  It was an easy fix, and then I turned my attention to deploying the new LED solar string lights which will replace the ones that went bad only two weeks after I deployed them.....they were over 3 years old.  It's a tedious job, but it is done, and order in my decorative light world has been restored.  Amazingly, the regular plug in rope lights I deployed way back in September are still going strong in spite of the salty environment....pretty much everything else has bitten the dust.

Around 7 pm it began to drizzle, and that drizzle continued all night, and continues as I write. It's supposed to stop at some point, so what time I go to work will depend on that.  The gravel spreading is on hold for a week while Fred and I turn our collective attention to hedge trimming.

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