Sunday, January 15, 2023


 6:37 am - Sunday - January 15th - GNHS - 53° F, humidity 74%, wind 6 mph out of the southwest....heavy cloud cover after a night of gentle rain.....forecast high today is 64° F, with a chance of rain later today.  On this date in 2022 TLE and I arrived at the property of good friends Tom and Darlene where I would spend the next few weeks removing our 40 year old airbags (8) and shocks (4), then installing the new ones.......↴

The weather Saturday morning looked quite ominous, and it appeared that the rain would come at any time.  I staged 3 RZRs between 7:30 and 8 am for our all day customers, and then a fourth RZR at 10 am for our half day customer.  The wind was blustery, and it was cold....certainly not an ideal day for side by side activity, but our customers were only here for the weekend, so if they wanted to drive a RZR they had to go for it, weather, or no weather.  I remember those days when we were in the same boat, but now we are not and can choose to wait for an ideal day to do stuff like this.

Around 11 am one of our all day customers returned in RZR #2 complaining that it would not go more than 11 miles an hour.  Initially I believed it was the failure to get that 'positive click' when fastening the seatbelt, and that may have been part of it, however, I noticed the 'check engine' light was on.  Once we checked the code we found it was that old familiar 'misfire' code indicating the computer was sensing some unusual vibration, probably from the clutch housing area.  At any rate, we put him in one of the Kawasaki KRXs so he could catch up with his friends, then called Kyle to come and see what was wrong.

The #2 RZR is the one we replaced the drivebelt on a couple of weeks ago when we found unusual wear on the belt after another 'check engine' light episode.  Since it has happened again Kyle believes the primary centrifugal clutch is going bad causing unusual wear, which results in the vibration, so parts have been ordered to rebuild the primary.

Just about the time Kyle finished putting #2 back together the customer in the KRX returned advising he had rolled the KRX....yes he did...... each safety talk I give to our customers before they depart I tell them specifically "Always keep the unit in 4 wheel drive, and do not try to spin a donut, or fishtail the unit, because you WILL absolutely flip it over"....not maybe, absolutely.   What did he do?  He took it out of 4 wheel drive, and tried to do a donut, and he flipped it over.....doh!  At least he was honest, and admitted  At any rate we now have two units out of service needing repair....the RZR with the failing primary, and the KRX with damage to the entire right side.  The customer will be charged 3 days for loss of use at $500/day, and probably another $2,500 for parts and labor to fix it....what began as a $650 all day rental, became a $4,650/day rental.

The rest of our customers returned without incident, and no rescues were performed.  I was able to use compressed air to blow the dust off the other three RZRs, which was good as it was beginning to sprinkle as we I was doing all of that including fueling them up for another day on Sunday.  I figured I'm going to have to wipe them down Sunday morning as it was forecast to rain overnight (which it did), so why do that twice, right?

In between all of that I managed to get the lower trim painted on the left side of the office.....I didn't take a picture of my efforts from Friday, so you get both pictures today.....

....all that remains now is the roofline trim, and I'll be done....I!

There were no 'lido deck' activities Saturday evening as it was very cold,  and very blustery with occasional sprinkles.

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