Monday, January 30, 2023

Smooth day.....

 7:04 am - Monday - January 30th - GNHS - 45° F, humidity 75%, wind 2 mph out of the east by northeast......cloudy today with rain in the forecast, and a high of 58° F.  On this date in 2019 TLE and I were having a late lunch at Beaver Street Brewery in Flagstaff, AZ.....↴

Overnight we received a second 2 hour booking for was for 12 pm, and the other for 1 easy Sunday.  We opened the office at 9 am, and I immediately got to work washing one of the RZRs (#5) from our Saturday rentals.  I had that one washed, and detailed before 10 am, fueled it up, and then took RZR #1 out for a drive to break in the new drive belt.  On my way back to the office I stopped by Kyle's trailer to pickup the two piece replacements for the clutch housing.  In addition to the two piece clutch housing Kyle was able to pickup the rest of the parts for KRX #8, and for the clutch rebuild on RZR #2, so they will be repaired, and back on the line later this week.

In order to install the inner portion of the clutch housing the primary and secondary clutches must be removed.  I don't have the 'puller' to remove the primary clutch, and why would I (Kyle does), so Kyle came by and removed both clutches, and then I began the process of removing the damaged inside clutch housing, installed the new one, then reinstalled the primary and secondary clutches, then, finally, the outer clutch housing piece.  You may recall that I didn't initially think the inside clutch housing was damaged, but it was......

Couldn't see this damage until the primary and secondary clutches had been removed by Kyle. took me over an hour in all to finish the job, and just about that time our first 2 hour rental customer arrived.  TLE had staged #10 KRX for the father and sun duo, and they were off on their adventure by 12:15 pm.  While TLE was finishing the paperwork for the first rental, the second 2 hour customer arrived......a husband, wife, and two children....our ideal customer!  They were off on their adventure in RZR #4 by 12:30 pm.

Once both customers were on their way I took the freshly repaired #1 RZR to the wash station, to get it washed and detailed.  After finishing that task I took a break to watch some of the NFC championship game between the Eagles and 49'ers.  Unfortunately the starting quarterback for the 49'ers injured the elbow on his throwing arm, and had to leave the game, and what promised to be a very closely fought game became very one sided with the Eagles winning handily, 31-7.

Both 2 hour rentals returned within 10 minutes of each other with no damage.  TLE and I drove both of them down to the fuel station, fueled them, and then I took RZR #4 to the wash station to clean some mud off the exterior.  Neither machine was very dusty on the interior, so I was able to use compressed air on KRX #10 to clean it, and only had to do some minor cleaning on RZR #4.  By the time I finished putting both of them away it was 3 pm, and we were done for the day.

The AFC championship game between the Bengals and Chiefs was the close game for which we had hoped, and was won by the Chiefs on a last second field goal 23-20, so now we know who will be in the Super Bowl in 2 weeks.

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P.S. - We will be driving to Poway today (Monday) for the excision of the melanoma on my chest this afternoon, so I will not post about Monday's activities until late Tuesday when we return. Thank you for your patience.

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