Friday, January 6, 2023

As good as it gets......

 7:24 am - Friday - January 6th - GNHS - 46° F, humidity 75%, wind 3 mph out of the north by northwest......cloudy today with a forecast high of 67° F.  On this date in 2016 TLE and I were hiking with our boondock buddies (Steven, Linda and Michael) to Clark Dry Lake Bed, which was not so dry that year......↴

We ended up having two rentals Thursday.  One was a two hour rental of a RZR for the Bat Caves Loop (10 am to 12 pm), and the second was for a KRX for a 3 hour tour on the Bat Caves/Oasis Loop (1pm to 4 pm).  I was a little concerned that the dry lake bed one must traverse to arrive at the Bat Caves would still be muddy, and I would be spending a lot of time cleaning muddy clay off each unit, but as it turned out it was not still wet, and, in fact, there was very little dust at all according to our customers.  I was able to clean both the RZR and KRX using just compressed easy is that?

Since the two rentals were staggered we were essentially committed to being on call all day long....probably one of our easier two rental!  Once again there were no calls for rescue, or any flat tires....suweet!  The three 30 something customers who rented the RZR were from Switzerland (2 girls and a guy), and really enjoyed galavanting around the SoCal desert.  The second couple were a husband and wife from SoCal who had never driven, or ridden in a side by side.  Judging by the larger than life smiles upon their faces  when they returned I think they had a great time!

TLE, employing some of the left over pot roast from the night before, and employing her Vita Clay slow cooker, made beef barley soup for dinner.....a perfect winter soup!  We spent some time on the 'lido deck' after dinner playing Yahtzee, and after 6 games were evenly split at 3 wins for each of us.....a nice way to end the day.  We watched our last recorded Hallmark Christmas movie (A Royal Corgi Christmas), which we thoroughly enjoyed, then a couple of episodes of 'Fraser' (laugh out loud funny) before calling it another delightful GNHS day, and heading off to dreamland.

We love our life, we love where we are, we love our jobs.  When we first agreed to come to work at GNHS we could not have imagined how it would turn out, and never in a million years would we have guessed we would end up running a UTV rental operation mostly by ourselves for great guys like Bob and Casey.  This is about as good as workamping gets....a perfect winter job!

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  1. Yes! One of the best stops in my travels was with you and TLE at Borrego Springs... and that hike capped a week of fabulous experiences!


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