Wednesday, January 25, 2023


 7:40 am - Wednesday - January 25th - GNHS - 42° F, humidity 52%, wind 3 mph out of the northwest.....crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 69° F.  On this date in 2018 our daughter Meredith came to visit us at the Grand Canyon....↴

Last week when two of the four ignition coils on the VW failed we were on our way into Mecca to have lunch at 'The Tacos Taqueria', and to do a small shopping, but that trip was aborted.  Well, here we are a little over a week later, and we decided to attempt the drive once again.  Since I replaced the two coils I have only driven the VW Beetle about 15 miles (to Bombay Beach and back), so we also wanted to get in a longer drive to be sure all is well, plus we really needed some Mexican food in the worst kind of way.

We began the 27 mile drive into Mecca around 11:30 am and reached 'The Tacos Taqueria' just after 12 pm without incident.  These folks get 4 stars on 69 reviews....the 69th being my review.  We have come to love these little 'hole in the wall' Mexican places, and have rarely, if ever, been disappointed.....

....we quickly made our meal choices, and placed our orders....

.....'The Giant Taco for me......

....and for TLE the 'Huevos Divorciados', of which I did not get a picture.  Both entrees were made with very fresh ingredients.  The carne asada in my 'The Giant Taco' was seasoned, and cooked to perfection, and TLE loved hers so much she literally cleaned the plate.  The tortillas were hand made to order.

After a very satisfying lunch we headed over to Family Dollar to buy a few things, then over to 'El Super Toro Loco #4' to buy some produce.  This is really a great local super market, and the produce is second to none.  We were able to complete all of our shopping within 25 minutes and were back in the VW for the return drive to GNHS by 1:10 pm.

While we were eating I received a call from Casey at COA advising there were some people who wanted to rent a 4 seater and a 2 seater if we could be back by 2 pm.  We, of course, agreed, and managed to make it back by 1:40 pm.  While TLE changed clothes I staged a RZR and a KRX.  Within minutes the customers arrived, completed their paperwork, and were on their way for a 2 hour tour shortly thereafter, with a scheduled return of 4:30 pm.  

As it turned out the folks driving the RZR pushed it a little too hard, and got a check engine light.  We noticed around 4:30 pm that they were still quite a way out, so TLE called them to remind them they were supposed to be back already.  The RZR driver advised he had a check engine light, and were in 'limp mode' so I gave him the instructions of how to clear the check engine light, and within a few minutes it had cleared.  They finally got back around 5:10 pm.....not too bad.

Some may wonder how you might clear a check engine light on a RZR, so I will tell you.  I learned this procedure during my first rescue back in November from Kyle.  You put the RZR in LOW, then run it for about 4 minutes at 3500-4000 RPMs.  It works every time. Of course, if it comes back again, then you've got a problem.  Sometimes the RZR computer interprets unusual vibration in the clutch housing (when being pushed too hard) as a misfire, and initiates a check engine light.  If it comes back a second time then there is probably a problem with the drive belt.

Because of the late return TLE and I ended up working 3.5 hours each.  On the plus side no rescue was needed, and we got them put away before dark.

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