Monday, January 16, 2023

Close to nature......

 7:17 am - Monday - January 16th - GNHS - 53° F, humidity 80%, wind 10 mph out of the south by southeast.....heavy cloud cover, and rain at this time.  Forecast high today is 66° F.  On this date in 2016 we had just arrived at Quartzite with good friends Steven, Linda, Michael and aerial view of our encampment......↴

.....the view this morning......

We began Sunday Funday with 4 booked rentals, and had one walkup to make it 5, and we could have rented at least one, or two more had the #8 KRX not been in an accident, and the #2 RZR not had the primary clutch issue.  In case you're interested....the 5 rentals garnered COA about $3,000 for the day....a very good Sunday, and over $4,000 on Saturday, so $7,000 for the weekend.  By 12:30 pm all 5 rentals had left the park, and it was time to relax for a little while. 

Of course, you know me, I can't sit still very long.  By 1:30 pm I had my Toro hand blower out, and managed to blow sand and gravel off the balance of our staging/parking area for COA.  I stopped at the beginning of the propane station, which is just to the right in the picture below....

....if you look closely you can see the line of demarcation between the cleared asphalt, and the still gravely/sandy area to the right.  For the first time since we began working for COA the entire area we are responsible for is clear of rocks, gravel and sand....sure, it needs repaving, but you have to admit it looks much better. By the time I finished it was going on 3 pm, and our first rental came back a short time later.  By 4 pm all 5 rentals had been returned without incident, and once again we close out a another weekend without a rescue....sweet!

I didn't do anymore trim painting on the office due to the cold, blustery weather we continue to have, and by the time I finished fueling up the last side by side it was beginning to sprinkle....time to head indoors.  Thankfully, it is a short walk!

We'll be off Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday barring any walkup requests for a rental, but I'm kind of hoping we just have three days off for a change.  As I write I can hear the wind fluttering the window awnings, the patio awning, and wind chimes....that and the sound of rain drops upon our aluminum roof are the soundtrack of a stormy day, better spent inside the cozy confines of our 1982 Newell close to nature....close enough, but not so close that we are suffering because of it.  We bid you adieu from our warm, and dry Newell interior somewhere in the middle of the SoCal desert.

Thanks for stopping by!

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