Saturday, January 28, 2023

Something's happening here......

7:23 am - Saturday - January 28th - GNHS - 40° F, humidity 50%, wind 1 mph out of the south by southwest......partly cloudy skies today with a forecast high of 65° F.  On this date in 2016 TLE and I were having dinner at Prison Hill Brewing Company in Yuma, AZ......↴

There were still very few RVs in the park Friday morning, and we had no illusions we would have any walkups, and when we closed the office at 1 pm there were, indeed, no walkups.  I busied myself taking care of things around our site.  I even setup my golf driving net again, and hit a couple dozen balls. This time I used whiffle golf balls so if I mishit a ball it won't fly a couple hundred yards into the cabins and RV sites just to the south of us.  The last time I used the net I mishit two balls, found one, and lost one completely.  I heard them both hit the ground, but could not tell where the second one landed.

Buffalo Springfield....

I haven't mentioned this before, but we're having trouble with another of our four Thetford waste dump valves, which means it is leaking.  You may recall that back in March of 2020 I had to rebuild the two Thetford valves on the driver side of the Newell (I wrote about that here), which were 38 years old.  Due to the way we chose to park the Newell in our current site it is easier to dump the black tank from the passenger side as it is much closer to the sewer connection, so that is what we have been doing. Logically, I guess it would follow that since the passenger side valves are now 41 years old that repeated use of them would result in eventual failure of the hard, brittle 41 year old rubber gaskets, and that is what has happened.  Fortunately, I was able to get it to stop leaking, and have reverted to using the Thetford black tank valve on the driver side, which meant using three 10 foot sections (instead of two) of sewer hose to reach the sewer line.  At any rate, I ordered a rebuild kit for the one Thetford black tank valve on the passenger side, and it arrived Friday, so I will be tackling that job soon.  If you remember, removing the 9 stainless steel screws on each valve was quite difficult, and took about 2 hours per valve, so I am not looking forward to this task, to say the least.  Luckily, I only have to rebuild one at a time on the passenger side, as the two valves do not dump into the same pipe like they do on the driver side.....

Passenger side setup....each dump valve has its own 3" pipe

Driver side setup...both dump valves empty into one 3" pipe

.....I also received a package from an eBay seller with the two additional VW Beetle ignition coils so I can replace the ones for cylinders 3 and 4.  Unfortunately, whoever picked the coils, sent one that was not correct.....

The one on the left is the correct one

.....the one on the left is correct, the one on the right is wrong, obviously....why wasn't it obvious to them?  I contacted the seller, and they will send me the correct one at no charge, and I don't have to return the incorrect one, so I've got that going for me.  Anyway, at least I have one in case one of the two remaining older coils fails before I get the second one.

We headed back out to the 'lido deck' Friday night to play Backgammon.... adult beverage at hand, a good cigar lit, TLE, and Backgammon....for what else can one nomad wish?

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