Saturday, January 14, 2023


6:21 am - Saturday - January 14th - GNHS - 51° F, humidity 53%, wind 4 mph out of the south by southeast.....cloudy today with a forecast of rain tonight, and a high today of 65° F.  On this date in 2013 I had just finished installing our LED accent lighting.....notice we still have the sofa bed in our salon......↴ the way, that LED lighting strip is still working perfectly 10 years later.

According to our mechanic, Kyle, GNHS had 70 RVs arriving Friday, and with the 10 which arrived Thursday that makes 80 rigs in the park, which will mean some walkup business.  We had barely opened our office at 9 am when we got our first walkup business, and by the end of Friday we had booked all four RZRs.....three of the all day variety, and one half day.  Sunday is looking good now with 3 rentals confirmed, and no doubt we will get more walkups Saturday morning, because the RVs were still rolling in until well after 10 pm, when we went to bed.

After the initial rush of walkups things died down, so TLE closed the office, and went inside.  I, however, always with something to do, spent about an hour blowing more sand and gravel out of our staging/parking area, then painted some more trim on the office.  This time I painted the lower trim on the right front corner of the office.  Eventually I'll paint the lower left side trim, then the roofline trim, and my painting project will be complete.

Around 1:15 pm we took another loop walk around GNHS, and managed to cover 1.2 miles in 21 minutes and 3 seconds averaging around 3.4 mph.....

.....we had barely gotten back when we began to get more walkup folks inquiring about rentals, and TLE was kept busy for the next 3 hours answering questions, handing out paperwork, and booking reservations for Saturday and Sunday.

As you know, Friday is Bacon Friday on the Hockwald homestead, and TLE decided to cook the bacon on the Cowboy Wok, and make me a BLT sandwich.....

.....we, once again, ate dinner on the 'lido deck'.  For our after dinner festivities we played two entire games of 'Phase 10' with me winning the first match pretty handily, and TLE winning a closely contested 2nd match on the last phase.  We transitioned from the picnic table to the fireplace, where I had lit the fire an hour before.  We didn't head inside for the night until after 7:30 pm....a nice evening on the 'lido deck'.

By the way, TLE got a great picture of the sunset as she was closing the office.....

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  1. Sounds busy! Our park is also busy with the Q show starting soon but luckily i just get to watch the hub bub.


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