Sunday, February 26, 2023

'All Day....."

 6:56 am - Sunday - February 26th - GNHS - 37° F, humidity 84%, wind 2 mph out of the west.....crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 62° F.  On this date in 2015 TLE and I were in Pasadena, CA at Dog Haus Biergarten having dinner with family.....↴

Left to right:  Moi, my brother Philip, his wife Jeannie, Glenn (brother-in-law), Laureen (TLE's sister), TLE, and TLE's other sister, Phyllis

The weather Saturday was forecast to be rainy, and rainy it was.  Most of the time it was just a heavy sprinkle, but for about an hour it actually rained with puddles forming on the ground.  Not exactly a day conducive to UTV operation, but we did have one 'All Day' rental for one of our 4 seat RZRs.  Our 'All Day' customers arrived just before 8 am to complete the extensive paperwork, and by 8:20 am they were on their way. We warned them about the forecast, and to be observant of rain in the mountains to the north of us.  Most of their morning tour would be up Bradshaw wash, and a wash is not were one wants to be if it is raining where you are, or in the mountains that rim the wash....think 'flash flood'.

By 9 am it began to sprinkle, sometimes lightly, and sometimes harder, but mostly sprinkling.  The sound made by the sprinkles can sound more like rain on our riveted aircraft aluminum roof, but it was just sprinkling.  The customers made it all the way to 'Annie's Cabin', which is about 15 miles away from the COA office, where they hung out for 30-40 minutes while it rained.

Mean time I had time on my hands so I decided to test out my new oscillating saw.....


......the blade vibrates (oscillates) at very high speed enabling one to cut through wood, or metal in tight places, such as under the bathroom sink.  I was able to cut out about 2" of bad wood in the picture below, but I need to go another 2" into the cabinet to get all the bad wood....

....I was able to square up the cuts outside the cabinet (below)......

....and cut out the bad wood along the passenger side wall below the window.... I'll have to remove the carpet (see below) to get at the bad wood under the toilet.....

 .....I worked for about an hour to get that much done, and will continue working at it until I am satisfied I have removed all of the cancerous wood.  Once that is done I'll cut a new piece of 3/4" plywood to fit the space, then we can begin to remove the rest of the vinyl flooring in the living area in preparation for the new vinyl planks!

Our customers returned to GNHS around 1 pm for about 90 minutes before heading out to the 'Bat Caves', and then returning to the COA office around 5 pm....right on time.  They had a great time in spite of the less than optimal conditions.  Once we had bid our adieus I drove RZR #4 over to the wash station, blasted all the mud off of it, and had it back in the parking area by 5:20 pm.  It was a cold, blustery, winter day, and within minutes I was taking a long, hot shower.  

Sunday promises to be the opposite of Saturday with lots of sun, and no wind.  Hoping we get a walkup on Sunday, but we shall see.  North and west of us it has been raining for days now, and yesterday it snowed below 1,000' elevation over much of the Pomona Valley, so what little rain we have had is quite minor by comparison, and we continue to be thankful for our winter location.

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