Monday, February 27, 2023

Sunday vacuum.....

 7:41 am - Monday - February 27th - GNHS - 40° F, humidity 69%, wind 3 mph out of the south.....crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 65° F.  On this date in 2020 TLE and I were hiking with good friends Rich and Marnie Aaron (former bosses at Ramona Oaks RV Resort) up to see the famous rock snake sculpture near Borrego Springs, CA (just off Rock House Road)......↴

You can see part of the rock snake sculpture in the background

We had no advanced bookings for Sunday, and as we opened the COA office at 9 am we saw one RV after another exiting GNHS to head back to their workaday lives....the 'Sunday vacuum effect'.  There were not many RV's in the park to begin with this weekend, and the few that were here were leaving in droves, so the odds of a 'walkup' customer became less and less likely with each departing RV.  The view looking down the Salton Sink to the Salton Sea was beautiful Sunday morning.....

.....lots of snow on the mountains in the distance.   

Since it had sprinkled and rained most of Saturday the once clean UTV's we did not rent Saturday were dirty once again, so I spent about an hour wiping them all down....even KRX #8 (bad electric fan).  I then drove the one RZR we did rent on Saturday down to the fuel station to top off its half empty fuel tank.  Once that was done I was out of things to do for COA, so I turned my attention to the sad condition of our Newell exterior.  

I think I cleaned the passenger side a few months ago, but have never gotten to the driver side, plus the front windshield had a couple of months of windblown desert dust upon it, and that is where I began.  I managed to get the passenger side window, and siding below it done, plus the front, including the windshield, and the left siding done to the back of the driver window.  By then it was getting warm, so I decided to defer the balance of the driver side back to the left rear corner until it was back in the shade.  By 3 pm the drive side was completely in the shade so I returned to my task finishing back to the left rear corner a little after 4 pm.....

I took this picture this morning (Monday) between the morning and afternoon cleaning session I watched some of round 4 of the Honda Classic PGA tour event in Florida.  There was a two way tie for first at the end of 72 holes, which led to a one hole playoff in which the eventual winner, Charles Kirk, made a birdie put to win.  It's always fun when a tournament goes into overtime.

We had a windless evening so TLE and headed out to the 'lido deck' for the first time in over a week to play 6 games of Yahtzee.  We turned on the Pandora channel on our garage Roku TV and listened to the 'Etta James' channel whilst we played.  I was ahead 3 games to 2 beginning the 6th game, which ended in a dead heat.....114 to 114......we each rolled a single 'die' to break the tie....she rolled '1' and I a '4'.  Like I've said repeatedly, Yahtzee involves over 90% luck, and 10%, or less, skill.  By the time we finished it was 7 pm, so we headed inside to watch another episode of 'Vera' on BritBox.  Each season has four 90 minute episodes, and we are now into season 7 of 12 total seasons.    We are totally captivated with this series, and highly recommend it to you if you happen to like murder mysteries, which actually make you think.

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  1. I also have really enjoyed Vera on Brit Box. They are still making them. I'm waiting for S12 E3, have a great day, Janice K


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