Saturday, February 11, 2023

She's in stitches.....

 7:00 am - Saturday - February 11th - GNHS - 48° F, humidity 35%, wind 4 mph out of the east by southeast......heavy cloud cover this morning with a forecast high today of 73° F. On this date in 2014 I was released from the hospital after an emergency double hernia operation.....↴

....the view this morning......

Since I was able to fix the steering wheel adjustment device Thursday on the #10 KRX, and it was ready for rental, we sent that one out Friday for a 1/2 day rental.  They left just after 8 am, and once they were gone I drove the COA van down to the storage area to drop the trailer, and then put the COA van away.  Next up I fueled up the #8 RZR we ended up renting on Thursday, air cleaned it, blew the dust out of the air filter, and put it away.  I've found I can often clean the dust out of the UTV's using compressed air, then wipe them down instead of giving them a water bath every time.  It takes less time, and reduces the need to be lubing the door latches, and seat latches every time they are washed.

We had a number of walkup inquiries about rentals over this weekend, and next weekend, and it looks like we'll have four units out Saturday (2 RZRs and 2 KRXs), one being a walkup Friday.  Right now we've got two UTV's sidelined.....the #2 RZR, and the #9 KRX (at COYNE to be repaired), so 4 of the 5 available units will be out Saturday.  Our #5 RZR, although still unrepaired from the recent rollover, is available for rental, but we are trying to avoid renting it if it is not necessary.

Our 1/2 day rental returned on time, and without incident.  They will be renting the same KRX from us on Saturday for another 6 hour tour, so I air cleaned her, cleaned the air filter, and topped off the fuel tank, so she'll be ready first thing in the morning.

The Phoenix Open is this weekend, and Friday's round began at 12:30 pm, so after putting away the #10 KRX I sat down in one of our anti gravity recliners to watch it on the outdoor TV.  Around 1 pm we closed the office for the day, but remained available for walkups.

Friday was also the 11th day since my out patient surgery on January 30th, and it was time to remove the 14 stitches.  Originally I was supposed to return to Poway for the second surgery (left upper arm) on the 13th, and Dr. Jou would remove the stitches then, but that appointment got changed to the 20th.  There is a medical clinic in Niland (Innercare) where TLE had her finger stitches removed a while back, but that cost $160....ouch!  TLE is really an exceptional seamstress, and I have seen her remove stitching from fabric numerous times, so I suggested she remove my stitches.  She was a little hesitant at first, but after examining the stitches under a magnifying glass (literally) she felt she was up to the task.  It took her just 8 minutes to remove the 14 stitches, and only one of them hurt a little....the last one...otherwise it was a pleasant experience.  For the first time in a month I have no adhesive tape on my side, and for that my epidermis is extremely thankful..... is healing nicely, and is actually difficult to see, so I've drawn a red oval (I wrote 'circle' originally, but it really is not a circle, is it?) around it....not too gross at all.....Dr. Jou is a great seamstress,!

Well, that wraps up the happenings for Friday.  Time to get dressed and open the office....thanks for stopping by!

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