Sunday, February 12, 2023

It cannot be.....

 6:46 am - Superbowl Sunday - February 12th - GNHS - 51° F, humidity 68%, wind 4 mph out of the west by northwest......cloudy today with a forecast high of 65° F.  On this date in 2016 TLE and I were having a meal at The Salted Pig, one of our favorite Riverside, CA restaurants.....↴

Saturday was a great day for COA.  We had 4 rentals in all, including a walkup customer.  We rented 2 KRXs, and 2 RZRs, and all returned without incident.  I guess that should be the end of today's dissertation, but, of course, it cannot be.  

Between the first rental of the day heading out around 9 am, and the final rental returning at 4:30 pm life occurred.  Nothing dramatic, I assure you, but life lived on our own terms, and that is why we love our current jobs.  While we are ultimately accountable to our bosses (Bob and Casey), we, in effect, are our own bosses, and are pretty much only accountable on an hour to hour basis to each other.  

The third round of the Phoenix Open (golf) was playing on three of our 4 TV's (salon, outdoor, and trailer), and it was a very competitive round, with many of golf's current stars at the top of the leader board.  Anyway, so there was time spent by moi in one of the anti gravity chairs watching when there was time, although it seemed like every time I began to settle in to watching it I was called back to the staging area by TLE for one thing, or another.

We got a call from Bob (owner) mid afternoon regarding the #9 KRX, which is down at COYNE in El Centro for repairs.  He was advised by the service writer that the transmission is 'TOAST', and must be replaced....ouch!  That is going to be a little painful for the customer who 'TOASTED' it.  The sad thing is we really liked the guys who rented #9, and upon return from their tour they said that had a great time.  Then their smiles turned to frowns as oil began dripping to the pavement under the damaged transmission.  Most of the time I feel bad for the customers whose $500 rental suddenly turned into a $5,000 rental, but there have been a couple for whom I had no sympathy.  These guys, on the other hand, were really nice, friendly guys, and now they're going to paying off a $5-7,000 bill.  According to Bob, COYNE has ordered the new transmission, and are hoping to have it later this week, but for now we are down to 5 rental units.

Kyle began rebuilding the three primary clutches we have up in our CONEX, so, hopefully, he will be able to replace the faulty one in the #2 RZR in a day, or two, which will get us back to 6 units available, but we really need that 3rd KRX as the KRXs are becoming more and more popular as time passes.

TLE and I have begun watching a new Murder/Mystery series on BritBox called Vera, and have found the first four 90 minute episodes quite intriguing.....that is 90 minutes with no commercials.  

Saturday evening found us on the 'lido deck' once again playing 'Phase 10'.  I had one of those nights where the cards continually favored me, and I managed to make most of the correct decisions in how I played those cards resulting in a win for moi.  We capped off our 'lido deck' entertainment with a fire before heading indoors for the evening to watch another episode of the aforementioned Vera....check it out!

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