Monday, February 20, 2023

Out of bounds.....

 6:32 pm - Sunday - February 19th - GNHS - 64° F, humidity 31%, wind 2 mph out of the northwest......dark...forecast low tonight is 47° F.  On this date in 2015 TLE and I were boondocking near the Verde River in the Verde Valley near Sedona, AZ.....↴

I'm writing about Sunday's activities on Sunday evening, because I will not have time Monday morning as we will be in the Beetle on our way to Poway by 6 am.   I'll have to write about Monday when we get home Tuesday afternoon.

We had 5 rentals booked for Sunday.....4 RZRs and 1 KRX.  Three of the five returned without incident, but the final two rentals (RZR and KRX) ended up heading to Bombay Beach, which is forbidden in the contract our customers must sign.  In the contract they agree to only operate our UTV's on approved trails within the BLM area adjacent to GHNS.  In order to get to Bombay beach you must cross the railroad tracks running on the east side of Highway 111, then cross Highway 111.  More than likely they went there to have lunch at 'The Ski Inn', where we have eaten on a couple of occasions. This is a big NO, NO, and doing so voids the contract, and you must return the UTV to the rental office as soon as is practically possible.  You immediately forfeit all of the remaining time for which you paid.  In this case almost 2 hours for each unit.

Both of the wayward units were back at the office within an hour, but one of the units, the KRX, appeared to have been driven repeatedly through muddy clay, and it looked like this upon return.......

....we know where the mud is, and there is not that much, so to get it to look this bad would seem to require some intent....I'll let it go at that.  It took me almost an hour to power wash the now dried muddy clay off the #8 KRX.

By the time I finished cleaning, fueling, and parking them it was after 5:30 pm, and I was one tired puppy......this was the second 10 hour day in succession.....when it gets busy, it gets real busy!  From Thursday through Sunday we had 14 rentals, which is really great for COA.  It should remain pretty busy from here on out as we are entering 'Spring Break' season.  At least there were no rescues, no break least.

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