Monday, February 13, 2023

Super Sunday......

 7:29 am - Monday - February 13th - GNHS - 47° F, humidity 69%, wind 5 mph out of the south by southeast.....cloudy again today with a forecast high of 66° F.  On this date in 2013 TLE and I were visiting the Vizcaya Mansion and Gardens near Miami, FL......↴

.....this visit had significance for TLE as she played her violin there during a summer orchestra program following her senior year in high school.  I would meet her the first time a few months later in Pasadena, CA.

We had a full plate Sunday.  Not just renting out UTV's, which we did, but the final round of the Phoenix Open was happening, and later in the day Super Bowl 57 would  We had a KRX rental beginning at 10 am for two hours, and then two more KRXs rented beginning at 1 pm for three hours.  If we had all three KRXs available it would not be a problem, but since #9 is down in El Centro being repaired we would have to turn one of the KRX's around for the afternoon rental.  Thus we had to be sure the morning one went out at 10 am, and returned at 12 pm so I would have time to fuel it, clean it, blow out the air filter, and check the oil before it went out again at 1 pm.  TLE called the morning customers on Saturday to let them know they needed to arrive at GNHS at, or before 9:30 am, so they would be ready to start their tour no later than 10 am, and they did just that.

We were actually on the job by 8 am as I needed to wash RZR #4, and top off the fuel tank before our rental day began, and TLE needed to be available in case we had any walkups, which we didn't.  I don't think I've ever posted pictures of our fuel station down in the shop area, so here it is.....

The big blue tub is to quarantine any fuel spills of the catastrophic variety

Time to call the fuel truck in for a refill

.....our bosses brought this fuel station down from Durango for the winter, and will have to haul it back in April for the summer season.  Since I had the time I actually washed #4, and gave her a thorough detailing before delivering her back to the parking area.  Within minutes of returning our 10 am customers arrived at the requested 9:30 am, and were on their way by 10 am.....perfect.  Once they were on their way I headed for my anti gravity chair on the 'lido deck' to watch some of the Phoenix Open.  For the first 9 holes there were probably 7, or 8 guys who could have won, but in the end Scottie Scheffler won going away by 3 strokes.

Our 10 am customers came back a tad late arriving back at the office around 12:10 pm, but not to worry, I was able to use our compressed air to clear out the dust from the interior and exterior of the #8 KRX, and have her and #10 ready well before 1 pm.  Our 1 pm customers arrived shortly after I returned #8 to the staging area after topping off her fuel tank.

After their departure in #8 and 10 I headed back to the 'lido deck' to watch the rest of the Phoenix Open, which ended just before 3:30 pm.  Our 1 pm customers returned right on time, at 4 pm, and after bidding them adieu I quickly parked the 2 KRXs in the parking area, to be cleaned by moi on Monday, or perhaps Wednesday.

In the interim Super Bowl 57 (Kansas City Chiefs vs. Philadelphia Eagles played in Arizona) had commenced around 3:45 pm, but I was on hand to see the first touchdown by the Eagles.  Early in the 2nd quarter the game was tied at 14-14, but the Eagles, who dominated the time of possession in the first half 22 minutes to 8 minutes, pulled away to lead at half time 24-14.  At half time we usually switch to other programming as we have had no interest in the half time show since the Rolling Stones performed back in 2006, and from what I read we didn't miss much, as usual.

The second half was a complete reversal of the first half seeing the Chiefs dominate time of possession, and scoring 21 points on their first 3 possessions to lead early in the 4th quarter 35-27 with about 9 minutes to go.  The Eagles then went on a scoring drive getting a touchdown with about 5 minutes to go, and managed to make a 2 point conversion to knot up the game at 35-35.  All we ever want is a close game, and Super Bowl 57 delivered that in spades.  With 5 minutes left on the clock the Chiefs drove 70 yards down the field, and kicked a field goal with just 5 seconds to to, and won the tame 38-35....a perfect ending to a very full day!

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