Saturday, February 18, 2023

Change of venue.....

 6:27 am - Saturday - February 18th - GNHS - 43° F, humidity 47%, wind 5 mph out of the northeast......mostly clear today with a forecast high of 68° F.  On this date in 2017 TLE and I were enjoying a cloud shrouded sunset in the Anza Borrego Desert.......↴

I spent more time away from our rental operation Friday than I did there.  The parts for RZR #5 had arrived at COYNE down in El Centro, so it was tasked to me to drive down and retrieve them.  We had no bookings to begin Friday, and, as it turned out, we had no walkups either.  After preparing all 6 of our UTVs for possible rental (oil checked, tire pressure checked, air filters cleaned, etc.) I left them in TLE's capable hands with the knowledge that if she needed help with anything Kyle was available.

I left GNHS in the COA van around 9:30 am, and arrived at COYNE around 10:30 am.  By the time I had secured all the ordered parts, paid for them, and loaded the big boxes in the COA van it was going on 11:45 am.  

As you know I ordered 200 sq. ft. of vinyl flooring online from the Lowe's store in La Quinta.  I had hoped to drive into La Quinta Friday afternoon to get that flooring if we had no rentals Friday, but then I was asked to drive to El Centro for the RZR parts.  There happens to be a Lowe's in El Centro so I called the Lowe's in La Quinta and had them transfer my order to the El Centro store, which they did, so that is where I headed next.   

The drive over to the El Centro Lowe's took about 10 minutes.  I had to wait a few minutes for someone to come to the FLOORING desk at Lowe's, but eventually someone did arrive, and confirmed my order had been transferred.  While they collected my order, and delivered it to the Customer Service Desk I picked up a 2' x 4', 3/4" piece of oak plywood ($44.....OUCH!) to use to replace the water damaged flooring in the bathroom, as well as an oscillating saw.  By the time I arrived at the Customer Service Desk my flooring order was there.  After paying for the plywood and saw I headed out to the COA van to load my purchases, and then hit the road for home.  TLE had closed the rental office at 12 pm, and I arrived back around 1:45 pm without event.

By the time I unloaded everything, including our new vinyl flooring it was after 3 pm.  Each box of the Antique Woodland Oak vinyl flooring holds 40 planks, and each plank covers around 1.5 sq. ft.  Each box must weigh over 50 lbs.!  Hopefully we can get started on removing all of our old vinyl flooring, and installing the new after we get back from Poway next week.

Well, we've got two 4 seat RZRs going out at 8 am this morning (Saturday), so I'd better get cracking....thanks for stopping by!

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