Friday, February 10, 2023

Kind of a different day.....

6:59 am - Bacon Friday - February 10th - GNHS - 44° F, humidity 30%, wind 4 mph out north by northwest.....crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 70° F. On this date in 2013 TLE and I were on Cabbage Key in Florida (off the coast near Ft. Meyers) at Cheese Burger In Paradise with Gail (TLE's cousin) and her husband Jimmy.....I'm eating the Jimmy Buffett Burger in the first photo.......↴

We had one walkup rental Thursday for two hours beginning at 10 am. The couple rented a 2 seat KRX for their excursion. I initially staged KRX #10, however, the steering wheel adjustment device would not work, so I had to substitute #8. While they were out on their adventure I was able to fix the adjustment mechanism, and get it working again properly.

While that was going on I received a call from Bob (COA) asking me to load KRX #9, with the damaged transmission case, on the COA trailer and haul it down to El Centro to COYNE to get an assessment on the damage, and an estimate to repair it....

....we wanted to leave for El Centro as soon as our customers returned, so I got busy hitching up the trailer, and loading the KRX. By the time I had it loaded, and tied down properly our customers had returned (without incident), and we were on our way for the 1 hour drive to El Centro.

We arrived there around 1:30 pm, had the KRX unloaded, and getting inspected by 1:45 pm. As you will recall there is an In 'N Out Burger right across the street from COYNE, so TLE and I parked the van/trailer and walked over for a late lunch.....we can just never pass up an In 'N Out Burger...... is nice to know you can still get a good lunch for under $15! TLE had their 'Protein' burger (no bun, wrapped in lettuce), and I their #2 combo.....cheeseburger, onions, French fries, and a drink........

...there is the COA van right across the street....

.....we were back on the road by 2:20 pm, made a stop in Calipatria at the Dollar General to buy a few necessities, and home by 3:50 pm.  

We had another wind event Thursday that lasted about 6 hours beginning around noon time, and was almost gone by 6 pm. As I write it is totally calm.

That's my story for Thursday, and I'm sticking to it.....thanks for stopping by!


  1. Clark, used two different devices, and with both non of your pictures posted....just thought you would want to know. --Dave

    1. Dave, that is weird. I just fixed are now available for viewing. Thanks for the heads up!


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