Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Brews, pub food and family.....

7:51 am - Wednesday - February 15th - GNHS - 46° F, humidity 31%, wind 11 mph out of the north by northwest.....crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 63° F.  On this date 10 years ago (2013) TLE and I were staying at the Jolly Roger RV Park on Marathon Key in the middle of the Florida Keys......↴

Ironically, that tire I plugged on Monday morning, although it has a very slow leak, has not deflated in the past two days.  It has gone down slightly, but is barely noticeable.....hmmm?  I'll have to spray some more soapy water on the plug site to see if it is still leaking.....

.....we had a lunch date with two of our daughters in Palm Desert at La Quinta Brewing CompanyYelp gives them 4.5 stars on 251 reviews, and we would agree.  I've been looking forward to visiting La Quinta Brewing for some time now, and really looking forward to seeing Meredith and Kate.  We left home around 9:20 am to make the drive into La Quinta.  Our first stop was Supercuts where I got my ears lowered, then we were off to make the 20 minute drive across town to La Quinta Brewing Company.....

Left to right: Kate, moi, Meredith and TLE

.....we arrived around 11:50 am to find Kate and Meredith already seated at a table sipping a couple of brews.  TLE and I quickly ordered some of their Bourbon Barrel Porter, which, IMHO is one of the best we have sampled over a decade plus of travels.  I had their Fish 'N Chips, and TLE their Chicken Tenders and Fries.  The food stood up to the brews, and the conversation was scintillating as always.  We all cleaned our plates, and drained our brews before bidding our adieus a tad after 1 pm.

From La Quinta Brewing TLE and I headed directly to the local Walmart Supercenter, then up the street to COSTCO before jumping on the I-10 for home.  After a quick fuel stop at the Mecca ARCO travel center we arrived back at GNHS around 3:45 pm.  

The wind, which had freshened just before we left on our drive to La Quinta, was still blowing in the high teens when we returned.  It abated for a while early evening, but returned during the night, and blew in the 20's most of the night.  This is the longest wind event we've had in a while, and it cannot end any too soon as far as we are

As the sun completed its daily journey across the GNHS skies from east to west the Chocolate Mountains lit up once again, and another GNHS day was in the books.....

....we've got a few rentals booked for Thursday, so I need to get those two KRXs washed, and fueled sometime today (Wednesday), so I don't have to rush around Thursday morning.

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  1. Gas at ARCO after leaving Costco?
    convenient, better price or ?

  2. ARCO is 30 miles closer to home, and we're driving to Poway Monday morning


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