Saturday, September 2, 2023


6:15 am - Saturday - September 2nd - LPG&RVR - 49° F, RAINING, humidity 88%, wind 4 mph out of the southeast......heavy cloud cover with rain forecast through 4 pm today, and a high of 63° F.  On this date in 2015 TLE and I were camp hosting at Cape Blanco Lighthouse just north of Port Orford, OR......↴

Friday was departure day from Tahoe City back to LPG&RVR.  We never like leaving Lake Tahoe, but for that matter, we really don't like leaving anywhere we like.  I'm pretty sure it is the same for most folks.  At any rate, we were up by 6 am, bidding adieu to Meredith, and on the road by 8 am headed for Reno.  We haven't had a COSTCO, or Trader Joe's fix in months, so a stop in Reno was needed.

Within an hour we were parking in the TJ's parking lot just off US-395 (also known as I-580), and by 10:30 am we had finished with COSTCO and were now heading due north on US-395 back to LPG&RVR.  Within 30 minutes we had passed through the California Agricultural checkpoint, and were back in the sparsely populated part of California where there are few people, and few manmade structures.  It began raining around 11:30 am, and continued raining all the way back to LPG&RVR where we arrived around 12:45 pm.  

At the time we were beginning to unpack the VW our daughter was southbound on US-395, and just passing by Owens Lake in the Owens Valley, and still over 3 hours from home.  We received a text from her around 5 pm that she had arrived safely, and now we are all back to our workaday  We begin another 4 day shift here at LPG&RVR, but I am not sure how much work will be done as it is raining, and will continue to rain on and off for most of the day.  As I sit here typing we have just 20 work days left in our season.  Our last work day will be October 6th.  The weather forecast for next 15 days is for a little more rain Sunday, and then temps in the 70's and LOW 80's.  I expect the temps will dip into the 60's and 70's the last few weeks of our stay.  Fall is upon us, and winter is not far distant.

Our 4 day sojourn in Tahoe City was a wonderful time, and seemed much longer than 3 nights, and parts of 4 days.  We've added dozens more memories, and look forward to our return in another year.

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