Friday, September 22, 2023

Give me shelter!

7:16 am - Friday - September 22nd - LPG&RVR - 34° F, humidity 74%, wind 1 mph out of the east by southeast......partly cloudy this morning, with clearing later in the day, and a forecast high of 69° F.  On this date in 2017 we had a foot of snow at the Yellowstone General Store in Mammoth Hot Springs......↴

It occurs to me that I speak of 'flipping the sign' down at the entrance of LPG&RVR, and that you may not know whereof I speak.  From the hours of 8 am to 5 pm you must continue up to the Clubhouse to check in/register......

....and that is the way the 'sign' points during those hours, but after 5 pm, and until 8 am the next morning we must 'flip the sign' to point at the RV night office where they will check in/register....... when I speak of 'flipping the sign' you know whereof I speak.

We awoke to an overnight low of 31° F Thursday morning, and by the time we were ready to go to work it was only 36° F.....time for watch caps, gloves, long sleeve shirts, and pants again....

....just like the past 3 days Thursday was another slowish day at LPG&RVR.....I staged 10 golf carts, and we rented 9.  Most of our golfers did not tee off until after 10:30 am as it was way too cold, and cloudy to play golf before that.  Frankly, it didn't feel warm enough to play golf at 1 pm.  The forecast high for Thursday was 58° F, but it only got to 56° F.  I took off my zip up sweatshirt a couple of times when the sun made brief appearances, but otherwise I wore it most of the day, as well as my gloves.

Thursday was also mowing day for the driving range, and as you might recall, I cleared the range on Tuesday, garnering five 5 gallon buckets of balls using the 'ball picker'.  On Thursday I just took a couple of 5 gallon buckets and the Shag Bag to the range to clear what few balls had been hit since Tuesday.  I filled one of the buckets with those balls, and then headed into the trees that border the driving range on both sides and garnered another 5 gallons of balls.  It has been a while since either Walt, or I went way into the forest gathering balls, so there were a lot of them.

I've mentioned 'Miracle Bob' to you before.  He is our resident golf cart mechanic, and frankly our everything mechanic.  He repairs most of the mowing equipment we using on the golf course, too.  Anyway, he has been using a pop up canopy for the past two years to work on carts out of the this elevation (4,500') it can get pretty intense in the middle of the summer, plus when it rains he needs something to keep the carts dry when he has them all opened up to work on the engines, etc.  Dennis, the owner, recently bought one of those do it yourself pergolas, and it will look something like this when it is assembled.....

....they had to pour four concrete footings before they began to erect it, and that was done a few days ago, so Wednesday they began to assemble everything on the ground, and then Thursday we stood the first two sections up.....

"Give me Shelter" - Rolling Stones

.....once they were up things began to move a little more quickly, but the two main sections were not raised until almost 5 pm, so the balance of the assembly will probably take place Friday, when I am not at work.  This pergola is about 12' x 14', and will allow Bob a permanent shelter under which to work on golf carts.

By 4:30 pm I had the two 5 gallon buckets of balls washed, and 8 of the 9 golf carts washed and stowed.....there is always someone out late, and I can't blame them.  After 3 pm the course is wide open, and it feels like your own private course.

TLE and I were home a little after 5 pm....I didn't do any putting while I waited for her to finish closing the office as it was too cold, and breezy.  And with the end of this four day work week TLE has just 8 days of work remaining, and I have 9.

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