Sunday, September 24, 2023

Another take down......

8:23 am - Sunday - September 24th - LPG&RVR - 52° F, humidity 39%, wind 6 mph out of the south by southeast......heavy cloud cover today with a forecast high of 71° F.  On this date in 2021 we enjoyed one of our last sunset fires at Seal Rocks RV Cove....I had been taking down our camp all day in preparation for our departure a few days later.....↴ 

Just as I was doing 2 years ago, Saturday I began to take down our exactly two weeks we will drive to Medford, OR to catch a flight to Missoula, MT, and our work season here at LPG&RVR will come to a close.  I began with our 'lower deck', which is the biggest outside installation to take down.....



.....with TLE's help it only took about 90 minutes to disassemble the 'lower deck' until next season.  Once that was done I deemed the 'take down' activities for Saturday complete, and headed inside to watch a few NCAA Football games.  

Normally we would have the weekly putting contest at 4 pm, but due to the scheduled Likely Volunteer Fire Department anniversary party being held at the same time it was least we though it was.  Around 1:30 pm Mike Bratzler (runs the putting contest) dropped by our site to ask if I wanted to putt at 2 pm, and I replied that I did.  He was able to round up 10 people to putt, and made it a triple elimination.  I sank my first putt on the 5th hole to win the first round.  Then I ended up tied in the second round, but won the single putt playoff hole with another hole in one.  I won my third round on the 5th hole when my opponent uncharacteristically missed a short putt.  I lost my third round in a one putt playoff by 6" for my first loss.  I ultimately made it to the final three, and once again lost in a one putt playoff by 6" putt away from the final!  I ended up in third place, and was really happy with my putting.  I only missed two second putts, had two holes in one, and put the ball pretty close to virtually ever hole on my first putt.

At 4:30 pm TLE and I drove over to the Likely Volunteer Fire Department to partake in the rib eye steak dinner.  We had a great showing from employees, and residents at LPG&RVR......

The LPG&RVR gang

.....we sat talking and eating until almost 7 pm before heading for we were driving the 1 mile road into the park I stopped to snap a picture of the beautiful afterglow of the sunset....

....a fitting ending to a very productive day!  

My USC Trojans won a hard fought late game on the road at Arizona State 42-28 after having a 'bye week' last weekend.  They looked a little rusty, but even so, they scored 42 points.  All of the other top 6 teams won Saturday as well, and there were no upsets.  We finally turned out the lights and headed to bed around 11:15 pm....a late night for!

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