Friday, September 15, 2023


8:06 am - Friday - September 15th - LPG&RVR - 57° F, humidity 31%, wind 0 mph out of the east by southeast......crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 86° F.  On this date in 2020 TLE and I arrived at Seal Rocks RV Cove for a one year stay.....↴

You never know when your 'number' is up, and when I awoke Thursday morning I had no inkling my number would called.  But, I get ahead of myself.

TLE and I love the first day of our four day 'weekend'.  During our four day work week we are up by 6 am, and out the door on our way to work by 7:40 am.  On our days off work, especially the first day, we refuse to get out of bed until at least 7 am, sometimes later, like Thursday, when we didn't shed the blankets until almost 7:30 am.  It's not that we're necessarily sleeping, but it is just nice to lay there knowing you have no schedule to which you must adhere.  We talked briefly about making our grocery run into Alturas Thursday, but within minutes decided to go Friday morning...maybe.  Since we were not going to town I decided I would try to squeeze three things into my day.....finish working on the mountain bike for Office Kathie, finish the rock border around the dining canopy, and, most importantly, play some golf....and pretty much in that order.

All that was left to do on the mountain bike was to adjust the front, and rear derailleurs so one could easily shift through the gears.  This bike had been sitting out in the elements for at least a year and the shifting cables were kind of stuck inside the cable housings, so I dismantled each one, lubed the cables, and then put them back together.  Usually it takes some adjustment to get everything to shift properly, but not this time.  Everything shifted as it should, and the bike was done!

Next up I began locating volcanic rock suitable to be included in the rock border around our site.  Volcanic rock is ubiquitous here, and one can usually find enough rocks for any project located within feet of said project, and that was how it worked out for me Thursday.  Within 30 minutes I had located, and placed the remainder of the rocks needed to complete the least for now.....

⇓I added rocks to each end of the rock border⇧

....and then completed the border around the perimeter of the dining canopy aka: 'lower deck' the time that was done it was just after 12 pm, and my thoughts began to turn to playing golf, so I got something to eat, spent time stretching out my back, got dressed, and headed over to the Clubhouse, where I snagged a 1:30 pm tee time.  I hit a few balls with my driver, then headed to the 10th hole....the front 9 was pretty busy, so I opted for the back 9.  To make a long story short, I parred every single hole from 10 to 18 for a 36.  It was like a dream.  Every club I pulled out of the bag did its job.  So, here the blow by blow account of my dream round:

10th - Par 4 - dog leg right - Hit a so, so drive about 100 yards, but then hit a booming, high, straight 5 wood to within 30 yards of the green.  I hit then hit a pitching wedge to within 5 feet of the hole, and one putted for my par.

11th - Par 3 - about 130 yards to the hole - Hit a beautiful 7 iron to within 10 feet of the hole, and two putted for my par

12th - Par 4 - dog leg right - Hit a beautiful driver about 220 yards, then a 6 iron to within 10 feet of the hole, and then 2 putted for my par

13th - Par 4 -dog leg left - Hit another beautiful drive about 200 yards, then a 7 iron to within 5 feet of the hole....just missed my birdie putt, but made my next one for par

14th - Par 5 - dog leg left - Hit my longest drive ever on this hole...about 250 yards, hit a 5 wood over the creek, and then another 5 wood which landed 9 feet from the hole...I've never been on this par 5 in 3 shots.  I then just missed my birdie attempt, but made my par putt.

15th - Par 4 - severe dog leg right - I hit a wonderful 5 iron to cut the corner, landed about 80 yards from the hole, then hit a pitching wedge to within 4 feet of the hole....just missed another birdie attempt, but made my par putt

16th - Par 3 - Elevated green....about 125 yards to the hole - I hit another 7 iron, very straight, and very high into the air, hitting the green about 6 feet from the hole...

....which 'plugged' into the green. I've never had this happen before.  I pulled the ball out, repaired the ball mark, then two putted for par...once again, just missing my birdie attempt.

17th - Par 5 - dog leg left - I hit hit a so, so drive....maybe 150 yards, and then hit another so, so drive with my 3 wood, but I hit my 5 wood next, and it went high and straight, landing in the fairway about 40 yards from the hole.  I pitched to within 7 feet of the hole, then sank my par putt.

18th - Par 4 - straight as a arrow - Hit my best drive ever on this hole to within 75 feet of the hole.  I mishit my pitching wedge over the green, but was able to pitch the ball back to within 3 feet of the hole, and made my par putt.

I had NO 3 putts, and 3 one putts on those 9 holes.  It was just one of those days when every part of my game (driving, fairway woods, long irons, short irons, pitching wedge, and putting) worked.  I still cannot believe I shot par for 9 consecutive holes.  I would have been happy with a 45 (bogey golf).  I had intended to continue, and play the front 9, but I decided I did not want to put a blemish on what I had done, and called it a day.  I played the back 9 in less than 90 minutes....usually it takes me 2 to 2.5 hours per 9!  I wish TLE had been with me, but she opted out as her allergies were bothering her eyes, and with post surgery recovery still in progress, her left eye was really watery, so she stayed home with the windows closed, and the A/C running to keep the outside air at bay.

You just never know when your 'number' is up....thanks for stopping by!

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