Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Getaway day.....

5:34 am - Tuesday - September 12th - Klamath Falls, OR - 50° F, humidity 76%, wind 1 mph out of the north by northeast.  Forecast is for clear, blue skies today and a forecast high of 79° F.  On this date in 2014 TLE and I were enjoying a beautiful sunset at Cape Blanco, OR.....↴

Another delightful weather day was had at LPG&RVR Monday.  I chose to wear long pants, and a long sleeve shirt on the warmest day yet this week, because I thought I would be clearing golf balls from the driving range later in the morning.  "I Thought" is the operative phrase here.  I had forgotten that DeWayne was gone for a four day vacation on a backpack trip, and would not be working Monday, so there was no need to clear the balls from the range....doh!  As you know, the mosquitoes can be quite challenging out on the driving range, and the pants, and long sleeve shirts minimize the amount of skin exposed.

In all I staged 17 carts, with 15 being rented over the course of the day.  Monday was going to be a shorter day for me as I was only taking a 30 minute lunch so I could be off a little after 4 pm to take a shower, change clothes and be ready to leave as close to 5 pm as possible for the two hour drive to Klamath Falls where TLE is having her final cataract surgery Tuesday morning at 6:40 am.  

Most of our golfers went out between 9 am and 11 am, and, as a result, there were a lot of people on the course at one time, so I made several rounds of the course, in addition to my initial round at 8 am to check on course conditions.  Interestingly, even though we have not sprayed for mosquitoes in 10 days, the mosquitoes are mostly an after thought.  The weather is slowly cooling, and they do not seem to repopulating as quickly as they have been a few weeks ago. I weeded and raked all four sand traps in my first round....very few weeds are to found the traps these days.

In between rounds of the course I mowed tent sites 4-10, which is always a dusty job.  I finished with that task around 11:45 am, and after using compressed air to blow the dust off the ssssslow John Deere, and my person, I sent TLE home for her lunch break, which she used to pack for our quick, overnight trip.

After my lunch break there were 8 carts awaiting their daily spa treatment, and by 4 pm I had washed and stowed 11 of the 13 rented carts.  Time to head home, pack, shower, change clothes and return to the Clubhouse at 5 pm to pickup TLE.  We were on the road a few minutes after 5 pm, and after a two hour drive arrived at the Shilo Inn in Klamath Falls.  I managed to snap these sunset pictures from our fourth floor room which faces towards the lake.....

.....by the time we hauled our overnight bags up to the room, and settled in for the night it was after 8 pm.  By 9 pm we were in bed in anticipation of being up at 5 pm Tuesday morning.

I should mention that we stopped off at the local Jalapeño's (across the street from the Shilo Inn) Taco Shop for some takeout Mexican food prior to checking into the hotel.  The trip was completely uneventful, and pretty much devoid of much traffic until we hit the Oregon border where we slogged through two construction zones before arriving at our destination.  In spite of the construction zones the drive still took just 2 hours.

We'll be leaving in a few minutes to drive two blocks down to the Klamath Eye Center where TLE will get a new lens installed in her left eye....she is very excited.  By the way, her Medicare  Part B co-payment for each surgery is just $224.  When I had my eyes done a few years ago down in SoCal my co-payment was over $500 per eye.....things are way more expensive in SoCal!

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