Friday, October 14, 2016

And the winner is.......

7:51 am - Friday - 46 F degrees, 42% humidity, wind 16 mph out of SSW.....heavy cloud cover, and heavy rain from time to time.  100% chance of rain for the next three days.  The wind blew all night long no doubt pushing in the rain we are now experiencing.

Thursday was windy, but not too bad until late afternoon when the temperature began to drop in anticipation of the approaching storm.  TLE was not planning on working Thursday, but she got a text from Robert, our manager, that Sally (opens the office at 8 am) had called in sick so she rallied herself from deep sleep to get ready for work in about 20 minutes and was on her way over to the office/store by 7:45 am.  I had planned to report for work around 10, but since TLE had gone in early I decided to make a run to the USPS office to drop off my tax returns and then over to Scotty's TruValue Hardware to pick up some more water spigot washers, and some more yellow stripping spray paint so I could finish what I started on Wednesday.  I 'clocked in' by 9:30 am and headed down to the maintenance yard to pick up a few things for later in the day before retrieving TLE from the office who had been relieved by Victor.  

TLE and I spent the morning finishing our survey of Section F's RV sites started the day before, then surveying all of Section A's RV sites for length and width.  We finished Section A by noon time and TLE decided she was done for the day so I took her home, had a sandwich and then went back to Sections E and A to finish replacing as many water spigot washers as all I think I replaced close to 35 washers in all the tent site water spigots.

Once that was done I headed out Melba Drive to check the current state of the fence repairs made going back to last weekend, and found just a small issue where another bear had pushed down some old fencing.....otherwise all was good with the fencing....we've now gone one week with all the fencing remaining intact.  I went ahead and replaced the old section that had been pushed down by an unknown bear with new fencing in about 30 minutes.  By that time it was after 3 pm so I decided I had worked enough for Thursday and after 'clocking out' headed for home.

My Dodgers were scheduled to play the Nationals in a 5th and deciding game to see who will go on to play the Cubs for the National League Pennant beginning Saturday.  For the first 6 innings it was a 1-0 game in favor of the Nationals, the came the weird, amazing 7th inning which lasted one hour and six minutes......the Dodgers managed to get off the mat and score 4 runs followed by the Nationals in the bottom of the long 7th inning who scored 2 runs to come within 1 run of the Dodgers.  The Dodger manager brought in his 'closer', Kanley Jansen, in the bottom of the 7th to get the last 9 outs......this is very most he will usually get the last 6 houts, but 9 is unprecedented.   He managed to get 7 outs and then another very unusual thing happened......Dave Roberts, the Dodger manager, brought in Clayton Kershaw who had just made 110 pitches two nights before to get the last two outs.  He made 7 pitches to get two outs and the Dodgers are now on their way to Chicago for Saturday's game......what a crazy game!

We went to bed expecting to be awakened by the forecast rain, and were not about 6:30 am the rain came, and it is still raining as I write.....thanks for stopping by!

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