Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Great Pumpkin

7:20 am - Thursday - 31 F degrees, 83% humidity, wind 3 mph out of SSW....the sun is rising in the east to clear blue skies......forecast high today is 66 F degrees.....just in case you were looking for a visual reference as to how cold it has been lately I snapped this picture about 11 am Wednesday of an icicle which formed underneath a dripping hose bib......

  Icicle created by dripping hose bib

......I reported for work at precisely 10:01 am Wednesday......I wanted to finish painting the red directional arrows for the tent sites in Section E, but as you can see from the above picture it was still pretty cold at 10, and at 11 am, so I busied myself picking up trash in Section G, and then decided to go through all the fire grills in Sections A, F & G to clean out the ones which had not yet been cleaned.  I filled up a galvanized wash tub 5 times with old ashes and coals.....

Ready for next season Noon it was now warm enough (well, in this instance 'warm' is a relative was 56 degrees) to begin painting directional arrows, and refreshing the paint on tent site posts......

  Site 339 is now free of confusion.....the site is to the left of this post!

Site post 413 looking new, and with a new 'clip' for the site tag all I created 17 new directional arrows from site 337 to 354.......this road had been repaved last summer and the directional arrows had never been repainted.  As a result we were being called continually out to these sites to clarify for our customers on which side of a given site post their site was.  I managed to repaint about 8 site posts before time ran out.  In all I worked 6 hours Wednesday....a longish day compared to my recent work days.  I am hoping to finish the rest of the arrows and posts on Thursday, or Friday at the latest.....we shall see.

While I was busy painting Adam was using one of our portable air compressors to blow the water out of all our sprinkler lines.  Now we just have to 'winterize' section F, and we are ready for winter.  I punched the clock a minute or two before 4 pm and was home a few minutes afterwards.  TLE ended up working about 2 hours Wednesday, which is normally one of he days off, but she was on call.

We began the evening watching the Trolley Dodgers and Cubes.....for our happy hour TLE brought out a 22 ouncer of the Elysian 'The Great Pumpkin' Imperial Pumpkin Ale (Elysian Brewing - Seattle, WA) which she found at Raley's a couple of days ago.  You may recall we sampled this ale while we were up at Tahoe City, but I forgot the name of it.....well TLE remembered.   If it is possible this pumpkin ale is even tastier than the Black Pumpkin Oatmeal Stout I raved about (she found this one at BevMo).....

Elysian Pumpkin Ale

......regrettably, my Trolley Dodgers were not up to the task Wednesday losing 10-2.....ouch!  Now the series is tied up two games apiece with game five being played at Chavez Ravine Thursday evening.

Once it was obvious game 4 was going to be a rout we decided to watch recorded episodes of 'NCIS', 'NCIS New Orleans', 'Bull', and 'Survivor' and were in bed by 10:45......thanks for stopping by!

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