Wednesday, October 26, 2016


6:20 am - Wednesday - 39 F degrees, 75% humidity, wind - calm.......last sunny day on tap for our stay here.....TLE flies to Dallas this morning and will return on Sunday......4 days without The Lovely Elaine aka: TLE.

Tuesday was TLE's last work day at TVC in 2016, and I have 4 more work days after Tuesday.  I reported for duty around 9:30 am.......there were a number of things running through my mind that I want to get done before Saturday, which is now the day I am departing TVC.  Originally I was going to drive the Newell down to Carson City Sunday, but there is now a 90% chance of rain/snow in South Lake Tahoe Sunday, while Saturday will be partly cloudy, so that has become my departure day.  I finished switching the site numbers on a number of tent site posts so they can be seen before you get to them as opposed to seeing them as you pass.  I then dumped some ashes for one of our customers, repaired a rock rake, and began to work on moving the site tag clips on the pedestals in Section 'F' from below the outlets to the 'door' of the pedestal so they can be seen more easily.  All the other sections have the site clip on the 'door' of the pedestal, and are much easier to see when doing site checks.

As I was moving from pedestal to pedestal it occurred to me that I should be working on putting the 'sides' on the cart shed.  Prior to this summer our carts have just been out in the elements for the most part, but Alex, one of our maintenance guys, came up with a design to build a shed using materials we already have on hand.  Ultimately the project stalled out with just the roof done, and Tuesday seemed like the day to attach the sides......

The shed just beginning to take shape in the foreground is Alex, the brain child behind the project. took me about 3 hours to do the entire job.....first I attached the corrugated fibreglass  sides on the north side, then I used three pieces of plywood on the south side (where the prevailing winds come from) topped off by the remaining fibreglass panels......

.....I think it came out pretty well, but that's just me.....everything you see was either on hand (green poles), or scavanged early in the summer (the story can be read here) from a demolition project over at Stateline.  Once that was done I returned to repositioning the site tag clips, then replaced a broken hose bib, and by that time it was 3:30 and time to 'clock out' for the day.  

We watched the first game of the World Series between the Chicago Cubes and Cleverland Inuits, which was a one sides affair....the Inuits won 6-0 on an amazing pitching performance by Corey Kluber who struck out 8 of the first 9 batters he faced.  We headed off to slumberland before 11 pm.....stay tuned for 'Bachelor Man' day one!

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