Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Dodging trolleys.....

6:51 am - Wednesday - 26 F degrees, 87% humidity, wind 3 mph out of SW....still looks like midnight outside.....forecast for today is 57 and sunny.....the temps are gradually warming back up for perhaps the last time as we slowly slip slide our way into winter.....we've got 3 consecutive days coming up with temps in the 60's so, in the short term, we've got that going for us, but the long term forecast looks ominous.  Our departure day is October 31st, and for now the forecast shows rain that day....I hope that changes!

After a couple of days off it felt good to be getting dressed for work.....of course my 'dress' included long pants, Under Armor, winter socks, gloves, watch cap and winter jacket.  TLE and I 'clocked in' about 9:47 am.  While TLE busied herself with office stuff I headed out to finish what I had started  Saturday.....the removal of all the large rocks from all the RV sites.  Why is this important, or even necessary?  Well, our park rules require that all sewer hoses must be connected securely to the sewer connection in each this I mean they must have an elbow connection that screws into the sewer connection.  Using rocks on top of your hose to hold it in place is specifically prohibited in our rules, so removing the rocks removes the temptation, and means the customer must either have, or must obtain the proper connection for their sewer hose.  Over two days I filled the dumper on my Ranger cart 5 times with rocks of all sizes resulting in quite a large pile in the maintenance yard.

Once that was done I drove around the campground looking for our missing portable fire the beginning of the summer we had around 10, or 11 of these, but we only had one in the maintenance yard as of Tuesday.  Ultimately I retrieved 5 more bringing our total to 6, but we are missing at least 4, or 5 so the search continues.

By the time I finished, for the time being, my fire place search it was about 1:30 pm so I picked TLE up from the office so we could finish our survey of all the RV sites in the park.  We headed for Section 'E', the only unsurveyed section, and beginning with site 355, started working our way around the section to 440, the final RV site in Section 'E'.  We had barely begun our survey when I heard TLE exclaim that there was a large bear walking along the tree line behind site 370.......

.....yup, that is definitely a BIG bear.....perhaps the biggest one we've seen this season, and in broad daylight no less.   Just as I caught sight of the bear TLE noticed a woman walking a dog headed directly to where the bear was......I jogged over to head her off, and she was quite grateful I had saved her from a bear confrontation.

We finished surveying the sites in Section 'E' just before 3 pm, and it was time to 'clock out' for the we approached the store/office I saw that Adam and Miguel had removed the final roof panels from our entertainment tent......we have now come full circle!

We both clocked out at 3:06 am and headed for the 'barn'......although, TLE did have to return to the office for about 30 minutes at 4:30 pm to help Sally go through the 'closing' process, but was back a little after 5 pm at which time we jumped in the VW to fill up our gas tank for the first time since late August, and then over to Lake Tahoe Pizza for dinner while we watched the Trolley Dodgers vs. the Cubes.  The Trolley Dodgers 'threw' another left handed pitcher at the 'Cubes' and shut them out for the second consecutive game, this time 6-0.....they are now up 2 games to 1 in their best of 7 series.  In an earlier game the Blue Jays topped the Cleverland Inuits 5-2 to send that series to a game 5.

The Dodger game was still in progress when we headed home from Lake Tahoe Pizza, and did not end until after 8:30.  I'm not used to the Dodgers doing well in the post has been 28 years since they last appeared in a world series.......1988 is a long time ago....certainly not as long as the 108 years since the Cubes appeared, but a long time, nonetheless.  That was the series in which Kirk Gibson hit his famous 'walk off' homerun against Dennis Eckersley of the Oakland A' still seems like yesterday.  At any rate I enjoyed watching the post game interviews and commentary until well after 9 pm. 

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  1. Impressive bear. Also, Go Dodgers!

  2. Bears don't have to pay for sites...Do they??
    O.K...I'll just go back to viewing your blog..


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