Saturday, October 15, 2016

Rain day......

7:18 am - Saturday - 42 F degrees, 64% humidity, wind 18 mph out of the south....forecast to be cloudy and windy all day, with rain back by 2 pm and continuing until sometime early Monday morning......time to inflate the kayak!

With the lone exception of dumping our black tank around 9 am Friday when it was just sprinkling I did not venture outside again all day long.  The wind driven rain came in waves, sometimes quite hard, but most of the time it was just steady continuous rain until about 9 pm when the storm finally passed.....the next one is due in a few hours from now.

Since we chose to be 'house bound' we caught up on watching recorded episodes of 'Blacklist', 'Designated Survivor', 'Hell's Kitchen' and 'Gold Rush' as well as a 1959 black and white movie called 'Young Philadelphians' starring Paul Newman, Barbara Rush, Brian Keith, and Robert Vaughn.  At 2.5 hours this is a longish movie for the time period, but very well acted, and a good story line.....a great rainy day movie!  To add to the rainy day festivities TLE made a Banana Cake, which I chased with some ice cold milk.

Also in vogue on a cold, rainy day is the taking of several naps, and if it is the right time of year, an American League Championship Series game between the Toronto Blue Jays and Cleveland Indians (my friend Keith calls them the 'Cleverland Inuits') was a well pitched game in which the Blue Jays pitcher was dominate for the entire game except for one bad pitch which resulted in a 2 run homerun.....the 'Inuits' won 2-0.

It's been a while since we had a 'rain day', and it was nice to just laze around all day doing pretty much nothing but relax.......16 days until we roll!

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  1. Lazy rainy days are nice occasionally. Hopefully some decent weather for the next 16 days.

  2. Hope it puts out your forest fire...Wet here also....All weekend...


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