Thursday, October 27, 2016

Bachelor Man - Day 1

7:43 am - Thursday - 49 F degrees, 40% humidity, wind 15 mph out of the south......overcast, very windy....I can see the trees moving in reaction to the wind.  First morning without TLE....I didn't sleep well last night....don't know why.

Wednesday is the end of the current pay period, so hours I work after Wednesday will be paid November 16th.  TLE headed for the Reno airport around 8:40 am, and by 9 am I had reported for one of my last days of work.  I know now that I will not get everything done I wanted to get done, but I made a serious dent in my list.....I know that I will not get all the site tag clips moved in Section 'F', or the rest of the tent site posts painted in Section 'A'.  What I did get done in the last 7 weeks:

--Fixed the Melba Drive fence replacing over 200' of fencing and closing many, many holes
--Drug a lot of logs to better define tent sites in Section 'E'
--Painted every tent site post in Section 'E', and a few in Section 'A'
--Repositioned the site number tags on all the posts in Section 'E' so they can bee seen more easily by customers
--Refreshed and/or painted new directional arrows for all tent sites
--Refreshed the red and yellow lines leading into Sections 'A' and 'E'
--Attached the sides to the cart shelter
--Replaced all the hose bib washers on all the tent site hose bibs in Section 'A' and 'E'
--Replaced a number of broken hose bibs
--Built the 'Dog Park' fencing, and installed the gate
--Hauled three large wooden benches into the 'Dog Park' for customers to sit upon while letting their dogs roam leash free
--Picked up all the trash along Melba Drive on the street side of the fence

So, what did I do Wednesday?  First off I moved the three large wooden benches from the maintenance yard, one at a time, to the 'Dog Park'.  My plan to make the 'strike post' removable so I could have enough room to drive the golf cart through worked perfectly....I did have to remove a couple of small bushes which were partially blocking the entrance in order to drive the cart through the small opening in a straight line.

Next up I got my paint supplies and headed to Section 'E' to finish painting the last 8 tent site directional the time I finished it was after 12 pm, so I headed to the Newell, parked the Ranger cart, and got my Cannondale Bad Boy out to ride over to the local Subway to buy a Hot Pastrami footlong.....1/2 for lunch, and 1/2 for dinner......

I decided to eat the lunch 'half' right there, but was back to the Ranger cart within 40 minutes.  Next up I picked up a few steel posts to use in fixing a split rail fence we have by the bathrooms in Section 'F', plus one of the pedestrian walkway fences in the same section was leaning over and needed a little TLC.  By the time I finished those tasks it was 2 pm, and I had an idea I might clock out by 3 pm giving me 6 hours, but then I decided I should drive out to the end of the Melba Drive fence where it meets the airport fence to see how things were, and I'm glad a did.  This is where I have most of the issues with the local militant neighbors breaking through the fence, and once again I found three spots breached by the militants.......

 The small breach fixed

The large breach fixed....I added all the steel you can see

......I first assessed what I would need to fix/reinforce the sections, and then returned to the maintenance yard to pick up some more steel posts......15 in all, including our last 10' post.  I used the 10' post to weave into the fence horizontally then used 5 others to support it so people could not climb over it.  While I was busy repairing the large breach a lady walking a dog approached and asked "Why are you being such a Nazi about the fence?"......what an odd thing to say......I would guess she is a 30 something, and apparently doesn't know the Nazi's were against private property who is the real Nazi, hmmmmm?  I decided to ignore her apparent ignorance and just replied that we had to close the large hole as people were driving vehicles in, camping illegally and building illegal fires.  She disputed the 'driving vehicles in, so I pointed out to her the numerous car and truck tire tracks where were still visible in spite of the recent rains.....that pretty much silenced her.  The second breach was smaller, but I used 4 posts in all to reinforce it.  Then the final breach was where someone had undone where I had connected the new fencing to the old fencing.....I reconnected the new to the old, then used another few steel posts to further reinforce that section.  I know when we come back in 6 months we will find new holes, but I can only do what I can do.  We have to change 10+ years of people coming and going on our property as they wish.

By the time I finished fixing the three holes it was after 4, and by the time I put everything away it was 4:30 and that is when I punched the clock......TLE sent me an in flight picture of the leg room she had on her flight to Dallas....she loves the 'bulkhead' seating......

TLE did make it to Texas safely and sent these pictures taken at the home of her sister Phyllis as proof.......

 Left to right: Read (TLE's brother), Shannon (Read's wife), Phyllis (TLE's sister) and, of course. The Lovely Elaine

TLE with her brother Creig....

Okay, time to wrap this up and get ready to work what is, perhaps, my last day at TVC this season.....oh, by the way, The Chicago Cubes bested the Cleverland Inuits 5-1 to tie the World Series at one game apiece.

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  1. Barbed wire..electric fence...Land mines..Reasoning about private property doesn't seem to work...
    Good Luck and safe travels..


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