Thursday, October 13, 2016

'Me and my arrow.....'

7:05 am - Thursday - 45 F degrees, 27% humidity, wind 9 mph out of the SSW, cloudy.....forecast high 65 F degrees.  Extended forecast is for 100% chance of rain Friday, 90% chance of rain Saturday, 100% chance of rain Sunday, and 70% chance of rain, folks, it looks like rain in SLT.  Just finished addressing the envelopes for our 2015 tax returns (Fed and California) if I can just find those stamps!

Wednesday was the end of our current pay give you an idea of how work has dropped off we were working over 40 hours per week up until three weeks we are working a little over 25 hours per week.  We have two pay days remaining in our season.  The thing we like about this time of year is that we are able to work on things in preparation for next season.

I spent part of Wednesday morning assembling our tax returns in preparation for their insertion in envelopes and their eventual mailing Thursday.  I reported for work at 10:30 am and promptly headed out to Section A to finish refreshing the tent site directional arrows I referred to yesterday, plus painting new ones on the outer loop where we repaved in 2015 thereby covering up ALL the old directional arrows...... all I refreshed and/or created 21+ directional arrows in Section A by 1 pm when I took a brief lunch on to Section E where the rest of the tent sites are.  As I painted arrow after arrow the 70's song by Harry Nilsson, Me and my arrow, kept running through my mind.  After lunch I spent about an hour replacing water spigot washers in the Section E tent sites......none of the tent site community water spigots has a shutoff valve, so we have to shut all the water off for Section E in order to replace those washers.....since the water was turned off almost a week ago I can now replace them, and did they ever need replacing!  Some of the washers I replaced had crumbled, and I have no idea how anyone was able to turn off the water at those spigots.

A little after 2 pm I picked up TLE and we went to Section F to re-measure all the RV sites.  The site length information in DigiRez is not accurate for most of our RV sites, and we have no width dimensions whatsoever.  I began this project last summer, but only got Section G done, so our goal this year is to get F, A and E re-measured and then get the I.T. department to input the corrected dimensions for all our RV sites in time for next season.  We managed to finish the outside loop in Section F which has 78 sites, now on to the inside loop Thursday which has just 37 sites!

 We were clocked out and home by that we are down to less than 50 sites occupied we are getting a lot accomplished, and the projects I've had in the back of my mind summer are coming to fruition.

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