Saturday, October 1, 2016

The pits....

8:27 am - Saturday - 49 F degrees, 44% humidity, wind 12 mph out of SSE.....yep it was windy last night, but unusually warm this morning!  On the other hand the 5 day weather forecast shows 60% chance of snow showers this Sunday afternoon.....

.....the odds are there won't be much accumulation as the high for Sunday is going to be 48 F degrees, but we shall see.

It was quite chilly through late morning Friday, which kept me inside most of the morning until TLE and I went to work just before noon.  I clocked in and headed down to the maintenance yard to find Miguel and Adam taking apart an old washing had one of those desired steel wash drums, which we use for portable firepits here at TVC.  They couldn't get the agitator out, so they left it to me......the guys with all the remove, which I did after about 30 minutes of struggle.

 All the unneeded parts stacked in the foreground

 New portable firepit...

From there I headed out to Section E to begin to deep clean all the tent sites in preparation for closing down.  We had to do this in May this year as it had not been done the prior Fall.  Now we will arrive next May with this task already completed.  By 3 pm I had cleaned 20 tent sites when I was called to pump some propane.  When I returned I decided to start dragging some logs to create a barrier along the back of the tent sites on the outside of the outer loop.  We've had occasions where tenters are setting up their tents so far back they end up in the overflow area which is behind the tent sites making it difficult for us to monitor their activity....specifically fires.  We have found numerous old fires which have been built on the ground with no fire container. This is not only against our rules, but against the law.  With the large log barriers these sites are still quite spacious, but we can at least see what is going on from the road.

With the temps getting gradually colder we are pumping a lot more propane to power the RV gas heaters used by many of our customers, so I answered a few more calls for propane over the course of the afternoon.  It wasn't long until I had to don my jacket, watch cap and gloves as the temperature began to dip into the low 50's.  We were going to keep the store open until 8 pm, but there was so little activity that we closed at 7 pm.  By the time TLE had counted all the money as 'cashed out' it was close to 7:30 pm.....that's the first time in over a week I have worked 7 hours!

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