Tuesday, October 11, 2016

'On call part 2.....'

7:27 am - Tuesday - 53 F degrees, 22% humidity, wind 12 mph out of SSW.....surprisingly warm.....high clouds, but a lot of blue sky visible.....we will have sun today!

Monday, as you know, we woke up to heavy clouds cover, which continued most of the day.  Once again I was 'on call', so I stayed close to home, which was okay as I had to finish my 2015 taxes (I asked for, and got an extension).  I had started Sunday, and felt I could finish them now that I had all my 1099's and other documentation.  So, while TLE went into the office for a couple of hours I focused on the task at hand. By the time she returned I was finished.  

Just about the time TLE returned I got a call on my two way radio advising they needed someone to pump propane, so I got dressed and drove over in the Ranger cart to take care of the customer.  We have been pumping a lot of propane considering how few sites we have occupied, which must be due to the much cooler nights which speed up the consumption of propane by the fuel hungry 12 volt gas heaters that most RV's have.  After I pumped propane I handled a couple of calls for cable TV problems.  The first one, site 162, was not our issue.....the customer needed to run the 'channel search' option on their TV....once they did that all was well.  The second one, however, at site 148 was our issue.  I unscrewed the cable box face plate to find the coaxial cable end had come off, so I replaced that, put the box back together and the customer had TV.

I got called out one more time to pump some more propane, and after that TLE and I made a run down Melba Drive to check on the fence, and found all still intact. 

We spent the rest of the afternoon watching baseball playoffs.....once again my Dodgers came up on the short end of the stick losing 8-3...Tuesday maybe the end of their season.  The giants came from behind late in their game to take a two run lead going into the 9th inning only to see the game tied on a 2 run homerun and go to extra innings.  They ultimately won on a walk off homerun in the 13th inning to live another day. 

The weather forecast is for 100% chance of rain on Friday, 50% on Saturday, and 80% on Sunday....here comes the winter!

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