Wednesday, October 5, 2016


7:19 am - Wednesday - 26 F degrees, 63% humidity, wind 3 mph out of SSW......FREEZING!  Sunny, clear blue skies.....another Lake Tahoe autumn day on tap.  Slept 8 hours last night.....7 before I had to go to the bathroom.

Tuesday we were still experiencing the after effects of the storm which passed through Sunday and Monday with the high only getting into the mid 50's.  TLE and I reported to work at 10 am......there were only 38 RV sites occupied, and there was really nothing to do.  I spent time working on the campground rules for TVC at Victor's request (it's time to order a new batch of our maps, which include ads for local businesses, a map of our campground, and our rules), then headed out to do site checks which took me all of 20 minutes, if that.  By this time it was noon time, and I had nothing else to do, so I clocked out and headed for home.  TLE stayed on two more hours, but was home by 2.  On a side note I did get approval to order the 350 feet of welded fencing (pig wire), and that will come in Thursday, so I will be busy once again.

TLE and I decided to take Wednesday and Thursday off since there is not enough to keep us busy, and with two free days we will get ready to move the Newell and trailer over to Section G where we will set up for our last 3+ weeks before heading back to SoCal.

I spent the rest of the day putting 'stuff' away.....I took down the sun screen shading the door to the trailer, put away our camp and anti gravity chairs, put away the portable fire pit, reconnected the block heater plug, put away our various tables, and the Sea-B-Que, etc.  Fortunately I picked the warmest part of the day to do these things, but still had to wear a long sleeve shirt, and sweat pants.....I think the days of flip flops, shorts and t-shirts may be gone.

Phil and Sandy are leaving Wednesday, so they came by our site late Tuesday afternoon to say their 'until next times'......we both arrived the same day, April 30th, at TVC.....where have the last 5 months gone?  In just a few weeks I'll be hugging grand kids and grand babies once again, and spending quality time with my kids and their significant is good.

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