Monday, October 17, 2016

Diluvian survival.....

7:10 am - Monday - 29 F degrees, 77% humidity, wind 11 mph out of SSW.....finally something under 20 mph!  Cloudy, very cold, and very damp, but looks like the rain has should be mostly cloudy today, and if it gets over 48 F degrees that will be impressive.

TLE headed off to open the office/store at 7:45 am, and I settled in to watch NFL pregame shows, and get ready for a full day of watching the NFL Sunday Ticket.....once again, virtually all the games I wanted to watch were only on the Sunday Ticket.....I had no interest in the network games.....

.....I thought the Bengals had a real chance to beat the Patriots, but once again Tom Brady came up big and they easily defeated the Bengals 35-17.  I watched parts of the Buffalo vs. 49er game, and was happy to see the Bills win easily 45-16....and the Giants edged by the Ravens 27-23 in another close game. The big afternoon game for me was the Seahawks vs. Falcons.......the battle of the winged carrion hunters.  Seattle outlasted Atlanta 26-24 in a very exciting finish.  The nightcap was a double header for me......the NFL game was between Houston and Indianapolis, and the MLB game between my Dodgers and the Cubs, so I was flipping channels all night long......The Dodgers with Clayton Kershaw outlasted the Cubs 1-0, and Texans came from behind to beat the Colts in overtime.

During all this sports frivolity I was also 'on call' once again and was called out twice....the first time it was not raining too hard, and I only had to pump some propane, which went quickly.  The second time was around 2:30 when it was raining torrentially.....I really did not want to get dressed and go out in that.......Robert, our manager, had 4 chores for me......clean a shower and empty the recycling can at the 'G' restroom, and then at the 'F' restroom unlock one of the toilet stalls, and put an 'OUT OF ORDER' sign one of the showers that was missing a tile.  By the time I finished with those four tasks I was quite wet, but I knew I was pretty much done with my 'on call' duties for the day, so I headed home, threw my wet clothes in the dryer, put on my pajamas and got back to being warm, dry and watching the NFL Sunday Ticket.

TLE closed the office/store early at 4 pm as all our reservations had arrived, and headed over to Raley's do do a small shopping.  She was home a little after 5 pm with her shopping spoils.

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