Saturday, October 29, 2016

Bachelor Man - Day 3 - "Welcome to Oregon....:

7:03 am - Saturday - 41 F degrees, 83% humidity, wind 1 mph from NNE.....sunny!  Just a few short hours until I move our home up and over Spooner Summit and down to Carson City to await TLE's return from Texas on Sunday.  In some respects it does not seem to have been half a year since we arrived, and in others it seems we have been here much longer.....after all we have been here for 10 of the last 16 months.

Friday morning the rain continued unabated from the day before.....I'm not sure what the recent rain totals have been, but a can I have sitting on the picnic table out side has about 6 inches of water in it, so you can draw your own conclusions.  Ironically, when I reported to the office to punch the clock (9:40 am) for my next to last time Sally greeted me by saying "Welcome to Oregon Clarke!"  To think that not a drop of rain fell for over three months this summer, and now we are getting rain storms that go on for two, or three days at at time.

I originally had not planned to work Friday, but there was not much for me to do in preparation for departure that did not involve getting soaking wet outside, so I decided to work a few more hours and tie up a few loose of them being another project TLE left for me.....assemble the 5 portable outdoor fireplaces Robert had purchased to rent out to customers.  That took me about an hour.....then I moved 3 six pack bags of ice from the Ice House into the store freezer to sell to customers, transported the 3 EZ-UP dining canopies we rent to customers during the summer down to the shed in the maintenance yard for the winter, moved our beach chairs (TLE's and mine) to the shed to store until we return next May, drove out one last time to the end of the fence line on Melba to be sure there were no new holes before I leave (it will be interesting to see what condition the fence is when I return in six months.....hopefully the inclement weather will somewhat hold the local fence militants in abeyance.

By the time I returned it was 12:40......I had worked 3 more hours, and it was time to punch the clock for the last time time recording of 2016.  I said my 'until next times' to Sally, gave her a hug, and drove the Ranger cart down to the maintenance yard to park in the cart shed one last time.  I put a lot of miles on her this summer/fall.  Just as I was entering the maintenance yard I heard a female voice call out "Clarke! Clarke!" I turned to see who was hailing me I saw Morgan running towards me......she had finished working at TVC a few weeks ago, but had come by the park to see who was about......we exchanged hugs and our 'until next times', and then I was was time to walk the 200 yards home.......ahhh home....I love the sound of that!  No more schedules, no more work, no more disconsolate customers, no more perfect weather (sigh....I'm going to miss that!), but also no more Classic Cue, Sidellis, Sonney's BBQ, Alpina Cafe, Moonhouse Brews, Lake Tahoe Pizza, Get Away Cafe, Bert's, Ernie's, Verde Mexican Rotisserie, South Lake Tahoe Flea Market, Emerald Bay bike rides until next May.

About 2:30 the rain stopped briefly so I got dressed and walked over to Subway to buy one of their Hot Pastrami footlong sandwiches (lunch, dinner).....I ate half there and just as I began my walk back home it began to rain once again.....not hard but steady.  As I walked southwest along Melba our home came into just a few hours Site 167 will be vacant, and our Newell will be pointed towards new adventures and many new views over the next six months until she returns, like the geese, for another summer sojourn.

By 5 pm the 3rd game of the World Series was was a nail biter for the entire game, but the Cleverland Inuits prevailed 1-0 on a night when the wind was blowing out at Wrigley....usually you get a bucket load of homeruns when that happens, but as they say.....good pitching stops good hitting, and that is what we got Friday night.  

Tomorrows blog will be generated from a different location for the first time in six months!  
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