Tuesday, June 13, 2017

First the rain & then the wind.....


7:28 am (MT) - Tuesday - 47º F, 92% humidity, wind 24 mph out of the west southwest.....was not expecting this wind based on forecasts......we may have to sit still today and wait it out......we'll see.  We now find ourselves in the Mountain Time Zone today, and for the balance of the summer.

Look at the flag on the 1st hole bending to the wind!

As I wrote yesterday we awoke to snow showers, which turned to rain, and then back to snow showers.  We had decided we would not be leaving Elko until about 10 am as it looked as if there would be a window of time when it might not be raining.  At 9:30 am I walked over to the local Verizon store to see if they had the ZAG Invisible Screen protector for my Samsung Note 5......I had checked at three previous stores over the past few days with no luck.....once your phone is a year old they stop stocking accessories.  Well, Monday I struck it rich.....they did have it in stock, and Asia removed the old one and installed the new one in just a few minutes.  The old one has some small cracks in it and one of them was edging toward my 'selfie' lens.......we cannot have that happen, right?  

By the time I returned to the coach it was raining/snowing again, but we decided to light the fires and roll the wheels.  We were back on I-80 heading ever eastward a little after 10 am into a light rain.  Thank goodness our air operated wipers still work well after 35 years!

When we hit Wells, NV it was time to leave I-80 for US-93 headed north to Twin Falls, ID....

US-93 is a very nice two lane road with a few brief ups and downs.........

.....the rain stopped briefly for about 20 minutes, but it came back on and off all the way past Jackpot, NV when it continued unabated all the way to Twin Falls, ID.......

....we continued northward on US-93 through Twin Falls, finally crossing the Snake River Gorge.......

......in another 4 miles we arrived at the Snake River Elks Lodge in Jerome, ID where we will spend the night for $10 hooked up to 50 amp electrical service.  This Elks Lodge sits right on an 18 hole golf course, so the view is not too bad.....

....around 5:15 pm I got a text message from our friend Art (also traveling to Yellowstone to work for the balance of the summer) who was passing through Jackpot, NV and would be in Twin Falls by 6:30, and would it be okay if he joined us at the Elks Lodge as our guests......I answered in the affirmative.....

.....he arrived about 6:30 and we got him set up next to us.....there are four 20/30/50 amp hookups in the gravel parking lot, and there was only one other RV besides us.....the sites are on a first come, first served basis....no reservations.  

After he got his trailer plugged in we invited him over for dinner, and we sat talking about Yellowstone with the NBA finals game on in the background.  Art spent about 2 hours giving us a lot of information about working in Yellowstone, and the things to see.  Needless to say, we are very energized to begin our tenure there!  By the way, the Golden State Warriors prevailed in game 5 to become this year's NBA Champions.....congratulations Warriors!

We were in bed by 11 pm (we lost an hour  yesterday when we crossed into Idaho and Mountain Time).  I was awakened early this morning first by the sound of steady rain, and then again by the increasing wind velocity.....we are getting gusts into the 30's as I write Tuesday morning.  Whilst the rest of the nation sizzles we are experiencing Fall/Winter conditions here in the northwest!

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  1. Hmm the weather is not treating you very well, hope it get's better soon for you.

  2. You can have any part of our heat wave that you'd like, Clarke?

  3. Catching up again. Sounds like you two have been on quite the roller coaster ride. I kept thinking to leave the familiar is always bitter sweet but the adventure that lies ahead sounds exciting. Yellowstone is on our wish list of places to stop and enjoy. We are hoping for that chance this year. Of course solid plans depend on when we actually are able to pull out of the driveway and the weather. Just the same we will be taking notes as you write about your time there. Be Safe and enjoy the journey.